Magazine text error - please note

  Forum Editor 17:50 17 Oct 2006

In the latest edition of the magazine (issue 137 - Dec 2006) there's a feature about preparing your computer for Vista.

On page 85 there's a box-out which deals with installing a new Power Supply Unit, and in the step by step instructions point no. 5 says:-

"Check the voltage switch on the PSU. It should be 110/115V"

That's wrong of course, the UK voltage setting is 220/250V.

DO NOT use the 110/115 setting - your computer's motherboard may be irreparably damaged.

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  sunny staines 05:33 18 Oct 2006

someone could be in for a shock in more ways than one, lets hope they read the forum too if they follow the article as a learning curve.

  dth 17:11 18 Oct 2006

I did this once on an old p/c - there was a load bang and that was the end of the p/c

  Forum Editor 18:35 18 Oct 2006

There's no danger of electrical shock - the PSU and motherboard would take the impact, not the computer user.

  Sic 11:54 19 Oct 2006 guessing a proof reader somewhere is having a fruitfull discussion with the editor!

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