Low Vista Sales hit DSG Profits

  anchor 10:30 18 Oct 2007

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  anchor 10:32 18 Oct 2007

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  anskyber 11:34 18 Oct 2007

Vista is great and a stable OS. Drivers are improving all of the time for gamers. XP users are missing out.

  Jimmy14 13:15 18 Oct 2007

Vista is not fully "stable" yet. That's why Microsoft are working on a quick SP1 for the start of next year. It has so many problems I've came across and my friends experience exactly the same thing. I would rather use my computer with 2Gb RAM on XP where I will get the most out of it than use it on Vista which is extremely resource hungry. I would use Vista although it's resource hungry but it just isn't ready yet. Most of the freeware applications that work on Vista have been written for XP so to speak so they will obviously perform better on there.

  anchor 13:16 18 Oct 2007

We XP users may be missing out, but the price is too high.

  J B 14:52 18 Oct 2007

There has been a lot of hype around Vista well before it's launch and I think that the media can take a good share of the blame for that. Thats not to say that good old MS had nothing to do with it, far from it. When you take in to consideration that DSG among others over estimated their markets who's fault was that I wonder. What ever happened they got their sums wrong. I don't suppose for one minute they would consider a sale on Vista? The short answer to that is No.

I personally like Vista, and I think that it is more stable that XP but that is my opinion. Everything that I use on Vista works except for NIS 2007 and by the way that is history. I am sure that Vista will get better in the future and more people will come round to it. Then we will see what the number crunchers have to say. One other thing that comes to mind is third party software developers. In my estimation they have been slow to respond to Vista in the area of driver and software updates. There again who is at fault? J.B.

  Totally-braindead 16:52 18 Oct 2007

anskyber can't agree that we're missing out.

XP does all I ask of it and fairly speeds along, same cannot be said with same PC with Vista loaded so its not much of a contest for me at least. And I have to say that the much vaunted Aero interface did nothing for me, no WOW at all.

Everyone to their own, if you are happy then thats great.

  [email protected] 17:12 18 Oct 2007

im back with xp after 6 months with vista, and i miss nothing.

  Forum Editor 17:40 18 Oct 2007

"Mr O'Byrne said however that only a few had actually asked to revert to older software like Windows XP after buying Vista."

In my experience the majority of the problems reported by Vista users are driver-related. Another big chunk relates to software incompatibilities - many people have reported that 'Leapy dancey thing' version 1.0 won't run in Vista, and that's because the software house is more interested in version 4.0 which has just launched, and is Vista-compatible.

All of these issues will go away in time, as they did when Windows XP launched, and we saw an equally gloomy picture being painted. It isn't that Vista is a bad operating system, it's a very good one, and as stable - if not more so - as Windows XP. The real problem is that expectations were so high, and the blame for that cannot be laid at any other door than Microsoft's. The company hyped the product too much, too early, and they dithered over the final version - things were in, and then they were out, I know, I was a Longhorn beta tester.

Vista will ultimately permeate the market, but it will take a while - the computer hardware and software industries are moving at such a rate that everyone will catch up. Had Microsoft concentrated on getting a new driver verification facility in place, so that device manufacturers could be coaxed into action before the launch, things might have gone a little more smoothly. As it is we're seeing a lot of negative reaction, and it's a great shame - Vista really is a very good operating system, and given the right drivers, extremely stable. I haven't had a single system crash on any of my computers since the day it launched.

  PP321 08:02 19 Oct 2007

I personate vista , but thats just my oppinion from what i've SEEN .

Wev'e have over a hundred machines returned because people didnt wait for the machine to load on first boot from new , and that knackers the installation, from an engineers point of view (not an end user) vista is a nightmare.

I agree with some of the FE's points except one.

Windows XP at launch didnt have the sheer volume of problems vista does. most of the win98/ME drivers worked on XP .

I bought vista a few days of launch and i was looking forward to it because i like trying new things , but its performance and UI was beyond poor.

But as has been said, each to thier own eh?

  PP321 08:02 19 Oct 2007

"I persoanlly hate vista " that should of read.

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