Lost memory

  Underdogs 12:22 09 Apr 2007

I'm using Vista Home Premium on a
2x 6600 GTX 128Mb PCI-E in SLi mode
2x 80Gig SATA 2 drives in Raid 0 mode
4x 1Gig matched pairs pc3200 memory from crutial
AMD 939 64x2 4800
Pinnacle DC10plus, Motion-JPEG VideoIO Board

I have 2 problems:
Bios reports 4 Gig of memory but Windows shows 2.65Gig
I have the latest drivers fron nVidia but windows does not show any SLi stats ?

Help please

Michael Brumby

  anskyber 12:45 09 Apr 2007

Windows shows 2.65gig of memory, can you help by explaining where you have accessed that information?

  Underdogs 16:48 09 Apr 2007

Start - Control - System
It's showing 2556 Mb
I'm within 20 mins of reverting back to XP
I've had enough.

Michael Brumby

  Kate B 16:52 09 Apr 2007

You need the beta drivers from Nvidia: the current final ones don't support SLI. click here

  Underdogs 18:03 10 Apr 2007

Tried the drivers but still no SLi on/off option but thanks for trying.

Anyone any idea about the memory problem? With 4 Gig, I should be able to disable page file...

Michael Brumby

  Totally-braindead 18:06 10 Apr 2007

Not a clue I'm afraid. I have the same board but only a gig of memory in dual channel mode and when I saw your post I checked mine and it was ok.
I'm back on XP now because of other problems.

  Underdogs 18:12 10 Apr 2007

What with Vista and SKY broadband, between them, they have almost got me in to the nut house, thanks for the response...

Michael Brumby

  powerless 18:27 10 Apr 2007

Your 4GB memory problem is because you are using the 32bit version of Vista. On a hardware level you do have 4GB of RAM as the BIOS reports it correctly. However the software side is due to a limitation from a 32bit environment.

However click here for a "fix".

  Underdogs 03:19 11 Apr 2007

Interesting, I have tried the above an though Vista still reports my system as 2.65Gb. Do I have to do this cmd instrution everytime I start?
Many thanks for your help

Michael Brumby

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