Looking for personal finance software

  pravinkumar1 07:47 05 Mar 2015

I loved Quicken for Windows and have been unable to find something comparable for my Mac. Have tried iBank and iFinance and found neither to be user-friendly, intuitive or offer even the basic functions - like a proper account reconciliation feature. I don't need to download account data or pay bills online; I'm simply looking to track transactions, transfers, automatic deposits and withdrawals, and be able to reconcile accounts in time periods defined by my financial institutions, which are not always calendar months. Also to categorize and be able to produce reports or at least lists of transactions according to date, account, category or payee. Any recommendations?

  northumbria61 14:45 05 Mar 2015

I use Quicken and have done for the past 15 years. An alternative to this would be Ace Money and there is a 30 day trial version.

I have looked at it previously although I have never used it, so therefore can't comment on it but I do know a friend who changed over to it some years ago and as far as I know is still using it.

  northumbria61 14:48 05 Mar 2015

Note - $39.99 dollars is £26.02 if you are in UK - so it's not expensive.

  Pine Man 18:59 05 Mar 2015

I have used Quicken for many years until I bought a Mac last year.

I installed Quicken Essentials for Mac on that and it was fine. More recently Quicken 2015 for Mac has been released which improves on Essentials and is planned to undergo continuous improvement.

I live in the UK and have bought all my versions of Quicken from Amazon..com in the US.

If you are considering Quicken and live outside the US let me know and I'll explain the registration process.

  kadin29 14:19 13 Aug 2015

I heard there's Quicken for Mac, which everyone who uses it think that it's a winning personal finance software to handle financial accounts. Moneydance and iBank 5 falls second and third to the rank.

In Quicken for Mac, you are able to use the best options for monitoring your investments and reporting about your tax details to a tax program. Moneydance allows you to pay your bills straight through the program. iBank5 plans your budgets and alerts you when you’ve gone over the budget.

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