logging in to SSL email accounts

  GJC228 12:17 22 Jun 2014

I use Windows 7, Outlook 2007 and a spam checking program - Mailwasher. I have started to get some weird behaviour in the past few months both on an older BT router and my newer one - a mark 4 BT Hub. When the computer first starts access to my e-mail accounts - two business ones hosted by gmail and several personal ones hosted by 1and1 with domain name www.gandv.co.uk is normally achieved. However, I often get an error message from Mailwasher for one account and for both of the gmail accounts - all of which use SSL when accessing after the initial start up. The port number is correct 997 and other settings are as required (one was even set remotely by 1and1). The error message I am getting with Outlook is that my login details are not recognised for SSL. Trying a second or third time to download often cures the problem (particularly if I just try a single account), as does re-starting the computer but this is becoming very inconvenient.

I have tried to 'repair' Outlook and have also installed the latest drivers for my network adapter and plugged the cable into a different socket. Has anyone any other idea of what I can do to overcome this?

  GJC228 12:21 22 Jun 2014

Sorry mistyped the port - should be 995.

  Woolwell 16:16 22 Jun 2014

Outlook 2007 has a reasonable junk filter built in. Personally I would get rid of Mailwasher which seems to be the source of your problem.

  alanrwood 17:49 22 Jun 2014

Sorry to disagree Woolwell.Used Mailwasher for years and it has never caused a problem and operates totally separately from any other email client. As the OP says the problem is in both Mailwasher and Outlook I would think that the problem does not lie with either of them but more likely that as it occurs only on start up it is some other program accessing the internet ie virus updating, at that time and the mail servers are timing out.

  GJC228 18:32 22 Jun 2014

I have used Mailwasher for many years without a problem. My wife also uses the program on her computer and I also have a copy on my laptop. Both of these run Mailwasher successfully and Outlook (2010) with no problems. My older laptop runs Outlook 2007 and also has no problems.

If it had just been one program then maybe that was at fault but the fact that another home computer using a wired internet able to my router, plus the two laptops using wireless, all have no problems is the reason for asking the question to start with.

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