locked in safemode

  4hal 18:38 10 Jul 2008

I have a Dell Dimension 8100, Intel Pentium 4CPU 1300mhZ,1.30 GHz, 32 bit operating system. Upgraded from Windows XP to Vista Home Premium. Also added Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007. Between crashes, it worked, but each time it took a long time to fix, even with Windows Pro Help. I upgraded from 512MB to 1GB Dram memory. It was faster, but still crashed. Now my new software has to be reactivated, so does Vista. I can't reactivate because I can't access the internet. I'm locked in safemode. Using F8 tapping, I've tried every listed option to get to Normal Mode. I can select it, but only safemode comes up on my desktop. Dell, Yahoo, Norton and Windows bounce me around like a tennis ball, pointing at each other. I'm dead in the water with safemode. Any suggestions appreciated.

  anskyber 21:42 10 Jul 2008

If you have upgraded you have probably got, some where on your machine, an older non compliant bit of software. Just a guess but most likely.

Where there are examples like this either it's trail and error to find the culprit or a clean install with re install of software until the offender is found is the usual approach. Your choice of course but if you decide to do so this is how to do a clean install from an upgrade disc.

click here

If you are struggling with authorisation you will need to ring Microsoft to explain what has happened.

  4hal 23:09 10 Jul 2008

I clicked on "click here" and nothing happened. I'm new to the forum. How can I access this material? Thanks

  4hal 23:22 10 Jul 2008

I was expecting a drop down menu instead of an address. (Little slow on the uptake.) I like your suggestion and I'll let you know what happens.

  Forum Editor 08:07 11 Jul 2008

but regret to say that I'm not able to offer advice on a one-to-one basis in that way. I get dozens of email requests for help, and if I answered them all there wouldn't be time for anything else.

Your decision to add more RAM to your machine was a good one - Vista will be far from happy with only 512Mb.

You say that since the RAM upgrade your new software has to be rectivated and "so does Vista." but I wonder why - a RAM upgrade does not normally result in the need to reativate anything. When you did the Vista upgrade did you wait to see that your computer was running smoothly before you added Microsoft Office? MS Office isn't going to cause crashes under normal circumstances - it's a well tried and tested product, and runs happily on many millions of computers. Vista does the same thing, but it's not unknown for some older software applications to cause problems - that's what the Vista preinstall compatibility tester is for, it checks everything on your machine and tells you if it detects potential problems before the Vista installation takes place. Did you run the compatibility checker, and if so did it flag any problems?

  4hal 21:24 11 Jul 2008

Anskyber solved my pc problems in less than 100 written words, an incredible feat in view of the all the problems microsoft techs had and the fact that their fixes lasted for such a brief period. Thank you.

And dear editor, forgive my long letter. I was trying to illustrate how inefficient and unstructured the present supplier tech support "system-less" can be for (this) pc user. I suspect there may be others like me. Thank you for your suggestions and I did try the things you suggested over a four day period before I came to this site and got my problems solved.

  Forum Editor 00:52 12 Jul 2008

that all is well, thanks to anskyber's advice.

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