lockable folder / brifcase help ?

  paul777paul 01:43 29 Apr 2014

hello can someone help please my sister is forever losing photo`s on her win7 PC we think the grandchildren go into her folder and delete photos any way of putting a lock on a folder or briefcase ? thank you Paul

  wee eddie 08:17 29 Apr 2014

Firstly, are you sure that they are lost and not just miss-filed.

Secondly, could she have her own Account and Password, the Grand Children could also have their own Account and never the twain should meet.

  BRYNIT 08:54 29 Apr 2014

The simplest solution would be to keep backup copies of the photo's on an external drive.

  alanrwood 09:29 29 Apr 2014

You an install Steganos Safe. There are a few free versions available. I got mine from a cover disk. Works great.

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