Load Vista - 4 days later HDD fails -coincidence?

  cyberphobic 22:00 08 Mar 2007

Loaded Vista Ultimate on my HP laptop (ze4800) last Tuesday (27/02) no problems, all went well, 5 days later I started getting disk read errors, now the HDD has failed. Laptop is 3 years old approx, never had any problems with it. Thought it was just coincidence, but my wife claims to have heard a radio programme claiming that this is a common occurrence - has this happened to anyone else?

  Kate B 22:05 08 Mar 2007

Yes, coincidence. How on earth could Vista trash your hard drive? Good grief, talk about paranoid!

Hope you had your data backed up.

  Totally-braindead 22:26 08 Mar 2007

Yes an unfortunate coincidence.

Haven't heard anything about Vista doing this and if it did we would have heard of it on the Forum - which we haven't. It certainly couldn't cause a hard drive failure. Don't know what your wife heard on the radio but it can't have been that.

  cyberphobic 06:05 09 Mar 2007

Kate B and Totally-braindead
Thanks for your reassuring replies! I also thought it was totally impossible, but my wife is certain that that was what she heard and of course like all good husbands I believe everything she tells me!

  Kate B 09:07 09 Mar 2007

*chuckle* Bad luck on the HDD!

  Pine Man 12:42 09 Mar 2007

Sorry to hear about you HD but count yourself lucky you are allowed to use your PC - since I got Vista my wife won't let me near it!

  Pine Man 13:19 09 Mar 2007

.............or the PC!

  phoenix198 17:17 09 Mar 2007

The radio programme your wife heard wasn't sponsored by a company called 'Apple' was it? ;-)

  dth 17:23 09 Mar 2007

I went round to a friends house last week and he has installed vista - two days later I tripped and hurt my foot bloomin' vista and bill gates

  Forum Editor 18:51 09 Mar 2007

As you've alrfeady been told here - there's no truth in what your wife heard.

Sometimes things you hear on radio programmes are, like some things you read in newspapers a tad wide of the mark.

  cyberphobic 11:33 10 Mar 2007

FE, your reassurance is appreciated, in future, I must learn to be more sceptical about my wife's pronouncements!

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