Live mail problem publishing photos

  jonnyg111 11:03 23 Jun 2015

I have a problem in live mail. I get a box saying Publishing photo album, publishing photo 3 of 3... with a green line that is stuck at 3/4 of the way across. I can still receive emails I think, but I can't send - everything just stacks up in my Outbox. I have tried clearing the outbox, but that doesn't help. Help gratefully received, Jonny

  wee eddie 12:15 23 Jun 2015

Photos possibly too many MBs

  Canadiangirl 13:37 23 Jun 2015

I'm having same problem. Started last night and still publishing. Now I can't even access my home page for windows live mail. Just the box indicating it's still publishing photos. Is this a microsoft onedrive update?

  kathyP 18:54 23 Jun 2015

I am having the same do we stop this? I've shut down, restarted, also unplugged from 110 and removed laptop battery. I'm at a loss for what to do.

  kathyP 19:32 23 Jun 2015

I found a fix...I went on-line, signed into my mail account via browser, instead of using Windows Live Mail program, and changed my password. Closed browser, on WLM icon, and wow...problem solved. Note...the email I was trying to send, which included photos, did not send.

  kathyP 19:33 23 Jun 2015

Edit to previous message: Closed browser, CLICKED on WLM icon....

  rdave13 19:44 23 Jun 2015

There's a reply to the problem here and marked as the answer.

  ffpatrick 01:45 24 Jun 2015

Did anyone get an answer to this problem? It started doing this on my WLM last night and hasn't stopped. I tried the two fixes on here and didn't help

  dms_05 11:03 24 Jun 2015

I'm having exactly the same problem, started a day or so ago. One picture of a size I normally send in multiples has stuck. I can't find any way to stop the attempt to publish so Live Mail is useless and won't work at all. Using an alternative instead but would like to solve the Live Mail problem,

  Canadiangirl 16:30 24 Jun 2015

No answers yet. Everytime I try to send an email with photos it gets stuck trying to publish. I can delete the email from my outbox but it keeps trying to publish and as long as it does, any regular emails I try to send get stuck in the outbox. Only way to stop publishing is to turn off computer which I have done umpteen times.

  annedors 17:32 24 Jun 2015

I found the fix on Toms Hardware. Worked for me this morning. :o) Follow these steps: 1) Click Start (the Windows Orb on the bottom left corner of your desktop) 2) Click Control Panel 3) Click Programs 4) Click Programs and Features 5) Browse and double click to select Windows Live Essentials 6) Click Repair all Windows Live programs. I'm not sure if this helped as well, but I also removed the Windows Photo Gallery prior to doing the above. Be sure to restart afterwards. Hope this helps you!

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