Links missing from menu bar

  ened 07:07 18 Feb 2008

I am sure there is an easy way of doing this but I can't find it at the moment.

I have somehow lost the two arrows (above the Help arrows)which I think sit on the Menu Bar in IE7, which give a short cut to Links.

All I can seem to do is get another bar but I don't want that.

  anskyber 11:00 18 Feb 2008

Not sure I fully understand, do you mean the browser back and forward arrows?

  ened 11:06 18 Feb 2008

No - If you look at the top right of the browser to the right of Tools are a couple of small arrows which access Help.
If you also are using the Menu Bar, above the Help arrows are a couple more which access your Links.
Mine have disappeared and I can't suss out how to get them back.

Hope this makes it clearer and thanks.

  anskyber 11:14 18 Feb 2008

Ah! I think!

Unlock the toolbar and small dots should appear, if there is nothing to reveal then there will be no arrows, if there is the arrows will appear. Sliding the dots will either show all that is available or hide them one by one with the arrows there to help you see them again.

If I'm on the right horse.

  ened 13:14 18 Feb 2008

Thanks for your time anskyber

I think you're on the right horse but the saddle is a bit loose!

If you look at your browser on the right hand end of the Menu Bar (File Edit View etc) there should be >>. If you left click it it gives you access to various links which you may or may not have put there, but some are there by default.

Mine has disappeared.

Unlocking the toolbars allowed me to move the dotted line on the bar underneath (tabs etc) but there were no dots on the Bar in question.

Actually I have just sussed out that the >> means extra options so it means I have lost the extra option on my main Menu bar and can not find a way to get it back.

  anskyber 13:28 18 Feb 2008

Got it.

Click View, Toolbars then select Links.

  ened 14:08 18 Feb 2008

Crikey!I had looked everywhere but there!

Many thanks.

As it is my thread I will just say that you used to live in a beautiful place and my wife and I get down to that area whenever possible(out of season).

The only thing I will say is that if I had ever been lucky enough to be able to buy a place on Carrick Roads or anywhere in that area I would still be there.

Thanks once again and have pint of Doom Bar on me.

  anskyber 14:10 18 Feb 2008

It's a pleasure.

Family brought us up to Cumbria which is also beautiful in it's own way. We are off to Cornwall in a few days time, our dentist is there, just the 430 miles away!

  ened 16:40 18 Feb 2008

Funny you should say that because a friend of mine, who lives in St Just in Roseland, has a brother-in-law who comes to stay all the way from London just to see the dentist in St Mawes.

My own Dentist keeps his boat at Mylor.

I had better stop now as this is not really computer related.

Have a good trip down.

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