Is Limewire vista compatible ?

  gippingman 22:02 14 Nov 2007

I have tried loading limewire v 4.14.8. The program starts but freezes at 12% html engine or similar and then when doing ctrl,alt,del is not recognised as an application but is listed as a process. - When I last checked a few months back, I got the impression from other users that Limewire was not compatible with Vista- Can anyone confirm this or is it now compatible? If not, can anyone recommend a simliar compatible files sharing program - Any advice appreciated

  Jimmy14 22:16 14 Nov 2007

is out and fully vista compatible.

click here

  sinbads 22:16 14 Nov 2007

yes limewire is compatible with vista although frostwire although basically the same is a better option. click here

  gippingman 19:21 15 Nov 2007

thanks - i will give it a try

  gippingman 22:15 16 Nov 2007

After trying 4.14.10, the same thing happens - freezes at 12% html engine loading and then program will only shut down via ctrl, alt & del - processes - end process

Am I the only person this is happening to ? - Any thoughts?

Perhaps i will try frostwire, although I am used to Limewire on XP machines so would have prefered that!

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