Terry Brown 09:37 07 Mar 2007

It seems (according to PC Bible -sorry pcadvisor) -that Vista wil only be supported for 5 years, allowing 12 months for 3rd party software and another 12 months for service packs, this leaves a very short lifespan.
Is is another Win ME ?

i have vista home premium sitting on my bookshelf, no problems with it except most of my beloved games either half run or dont run at all on it, i bought it because i thought it was the way things would go, i couldnt find any major advantage over xp, and i wonder what vista is all about, especially when you read this
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this confuses me also
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  Kate B 12:23 07 Mar 2007

You need to harrass the makers of your beloved games to make them compatible with Vista.

hi kate, i just feel if i had a small software/ hardware set up, would i throw resources/ funding at vista, when vienna maybe just around the corner?
also (apart from on these forums) i know nobody with vista, 2 years (if thats the case) is not long!

  Totally-braindead 00:19 08 Mar 2007

adman 2 I've kind of being wondering whether I could skip Vista totally and just wait 5 years and get Vienna or whatever it will be called then.

  Europa 20:51 08 Mar 2007

I have bought a new system which came with XP about a month before they decide to impose Vista on buyers of new computers, with a little luck I can drag this system until Vienna come up.

  Kate B 21:31 08 Mar 2007

Well, any third-party vendor of software or hardware that discounts Vista would be very stupid, as it's on every new computer being shipped now and for the next at least five years.

I would also treat reports of Vienna in five years with scepticism. It might be the case, but five years is a long time in computing. If you really want to stick with XP until Vienna comes along, that's your lookout, but fewer peripherals will run with it, software won't run on it as time goes on and you won't be able to find replacement parts for it. And then, when Vienna launches, you'll still see threads saying "I can't find a driver for my scanner" and "huff, huff, I'm going to wait till SP1".

Vista is here for at least the next five years, if not more. I suggest you get over it.

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