Licenses - need to clarify

  saluk 08:27 06 Mar 2007

Although I am happy with XP and would have preferred to have waited longer until Vista 'settled down', I have had to buy a new laptop and there wasn't a choice - Vista Home Premium will be pre-installed.

I am concerned by what I am reading re licensing and just need to be absolutely sure I have got this right. If in the future I need to reload windows on this laptop, I am only able to do this once before having to buy a new copy of the operating system?

Sorry if I am asking a daft question but it seems so bizarre that I am wondering if I got the wrong end of the stick.

  Kate B 08:37 06 Mar 2007

I don't think that's the case - an OEM licence dies when the computer dies but as far as I'm aware there's nothing to stop you reinstalling it on that machine as often as you like. You might I suppose after install number eight or so have to ring Microsoft for an activation code, but the licence belongs to the laptop.

  saluk 09:04 06 Mar 2007


Thank you so much for that - you have put my mind at rest.

The previous threads did not dwell on new computers, they were more concerned with computer enthusiast and rebuilding machines; so I have obviously misunderstood what I did read.

Thanks again.

  Totally-braindead 10:01 06 Mar 2007

Kate B has summed up my understanding of it as well. I'm unsure of the number of times you are allowed to reinstall before reactivation occurs but as long as its the same PC Microsoft will allow reactivation anyway. In the worse case scenario you might have to phone them and activate it that way but it will reactivate.
Microsoft are just trying to make sure it stays with the computer its bought on.

  crosstrainer 10:41 06 Mar 2007

I can assure you that you can re-install windows on the original machine as many times as you like...As an oem I have never been denied an activation code for XP and there is no change to this policy with long as the motherboard in your laptop remains the same...unlikely you would ever change it!

  saluk 10:54 06 Mar 2007

Thanks all for taking the time to respond. I feel rather relieved - talk about a little bit of knowledge....! And you are right, crosstrainer, not a hope of me changing a motherboard in a month of Sundays :)

  crosstrainer 10:57 06 Mar 2007

I dont't change laptop motherboards unless strong armed into it...I leave it to the supplier...desktop's on the other hand...too many to remember (and that's just machines i own!)

  Totally-braindead 11:00 06 Mar 2007

saluk I've built dozens of PCs and repaired even more. I only ever took one laptop apart and it took me two days to put it back together again. So I'm with you on this - I wouldn't attempt to replace a laptop motherboard in a month of sundays.
PS Judging by how fiddly it can be dismantling and reasembling laptops I can see how it is so expensive to get one repaired.

  Forum Editor 01:06 07 Mar 2007

I've never once been denied a Windows XP actvation code, and in similar circumstances I don't expect to be denied one for Vista.

Microsoft has no desire to make things difficult for the average customer - the company is driven to impose licencing restrictions by the need to protect its intellectual property. If piracy didn't exist there would be no need for protective measures, but that isn't going to happen.

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