Let us know what you think about Windows 7

  simonjary 11:03 29 Oct 2008

Read the PC Advisor review here:

click here

  crosstrainer 13:26 29 Oct 2008

The jury has yet to be chosen :)) I will try a BETA version and make a decision then.

  sunnystaines 16:38 29 Oct 2008

I read the PCA review this morning. What concerns me is too much being internet based leaving you at the mercy of the ISP working without any outages or no net access after a dispute resulting in change ISP's and having trouble with MAC codes.

As already mentioned in the report there is also the fear of security of any internet action?

vista ultimate never got the promised enhancements MS hinted at. Will MS reward the ultimate users with some of the windows 7 improvements as free downloads.

Will the additional windows add-ons available as optional downloads be free?

  [email protected] 17:20 29 Oct 2008

i paid over £400 for my vista ultimate, and it's still to this day the biggest waste of money i have spent on a pc, it sits on my spare average pc doing average things, like browsing or office stuff, aero is off as is just about everything else eye candy related.
i just hope microsoft remember what an operating system is, a program launcher, if the individual user decides to install boatloads of resource hungry bloatware they have the choice.

  Rob_08 12:28 30 Oct 2008

If this is to be believed
click here

Then not much.

adman2 !!! £400 for vista !!! HOLY **** i paid £99 for my unused Ultimate (oem though) It doesnt do as much as yours though, it just sits in its plastic box on a shelf watching me with XP.

  [email protected] 13:18 30 Oct 2008

this was back in the days i used pc world, enough said! i have since seen the error of my ways...

  Forum Editor 18:02 30 Oct 2008

and as usual there are signs that Microsoft has listened to feedback from the market, so we'll see. I can't help feeling that the UAC problem is still likely to rear its head however, and Microsoft saying that the Vista UAC was 'misunderstood' is a tad patronising - whose fault is it when a software feature is misunderstood?

  Pine Man 18:24 30 Oct 2008

Surely the simple answer for UAC is a memory - like a firewall that needs to be 'educated'.

  sunnystaines 20:48 30 Oct 2008

windows 7

needs a good reg cleaner included, and a rethink on including DRM.

  Kevscar1 21:04 30 Oct 2008

Only got Vista in June, think I'll wait for Windows 9

  crosstrainer 07:31 31 Oct 2008

Is something you just get used yo (or switch off) I leave mine on, and tolerate the "nagging" when opening certain applications.

As the FE Say's, I think it's with us to stay, and for novice, everyday non-technical users it can be a bonus.

I have a friend who stops trying to run anything when UAC bleats at him. The downside is he alway's rings me to ask if it's safe to proceed :))

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