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  wild123 06:55 22 Jan 2009

I got vista on my new computer & frankly after a week of using it its rubbish.
Have XP on my other computer & they are both supposed to do the same job, i.e. be an operating system. As I therefore have 2 licences from the same company for supposedly the same type of program can I ditch Vista & install XP on both.
I ask this because even microsoft seem to accept its rubbish or they would not be producing its replacement so quickly.
My grounds are its not fit for the job it is supposed to do.

From my week of hair tearing with Vista I am sure there are work arounds but you should not have to.

1) Its an even worse performance/ resource hog
2) I would like to be able to do stuff without having to waste time confirming everything.
3) If I put something in a folder I expect it to be there, nice & orderly. Its like you put your socks in the draw & they migrate to the garrage.
4) Either my brain works difrently to everyone elses or the guy that designed how you get it to do things does.
5) It lives up to its name, looks nice but otherwise seems to have taken 3 steps backwards for every one forward.
Sadly though it does not even do this well I run aftermarket mods on my XP & apart from round corners on windows it does every visual trick Vista does. Most far better & with far less resource hits. Adjust taransparency of individual windows for example widgets that work & can go anywhere, even replaced my taskbar with for a while & its rock solid stable.
With XP & some add ons I can create a real personal computer, it works exactly how I want it to & not how some guy at Microsoft says I should have it.

If I am wrong about Vista & someone actualy thinks its good & worth learning say but I am of the view if Microsoft wont let me use XP on both I am changing operating systems forever

  tullie 07:09 22 Jan 2009

Cant remember Microsoft saying Vista is rubbish!
I am perfectly happy with it.

  anskyber 07:38 22 Jan 2009

It will do all you want to do and more if you took the time to find out. It will then be a superior OS to XP by far and I run both on two different machines.

I am pretty sure your license will allow you to install a retail copy (ie not OEM) on another machine provided it is not still on the original machine.

In other words, no you cannot.

  ventanas 09:05 22 Jan 2009

I now have Vista on a number of machines, and as far as I'm concerned it's about the best OS Microsoft have produced to date. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Most of the problems seem to be caused by underpowered machines, or by users not learning how to use it properly. Get hold of decent book.
And to confirm anskyber, no you cannot install the same copy to two machines, unless you remove the first one, and never if it is an OEM version.

  Pine Man 11:04 22 Jan 2009

I have had every operating system since Windows 3.11 with DOS 6.22. Vista is by far and away the best - in my opinion.

I have to agree with those above me (except wild123); most problems are associated with poorly specced machines, old software or poorly prepared users;-))

A typical example is UAC. It was added to provide a safer environment and all the 'anti-vistas' slate it. Why not turn it off if you don't like it?

  anskyber 11:26 22 Jan 2009

Exactly, as a beginner with Vista wild123 might like this guide to UAC disabling. click here

  wild123 12:05 22 Jan 2009

Cheers to all for prompt replies.
From general playing its quite diffrent from XP & did not want to waste a couple of weeks learning as heard several people say its no good.
After your responses I will get up to speed on it, again thanks for your input pretty solid concensus

  AL47 20:18 22 Jan 2009

i personally dont like vista too much, its ok on my machine but much less and id definitly have xp,

i had to adjust alot of things too off in services cause everythings on.

alot of options seem difficult to find

id say its a tough call on a capable machine but an older computer/laptop, xp it is

  Roadgiant 21:39 22 Jan 2009

I've just started using Vista on my new PC and I must admit to being apprehensive before moving on to it having read many posts on here and other forums. 3 weeks down the line and I am very happy with it still getting used to things but certainly like the look and feel so far.
I found a very useful guide here :- click here well worth a read as well as the authors other guides (XP and games).

  MAJ 23:56 22 Jan 2009

Vista is crap compared to XP and even Win 98SE. It crashes frequently, it freezes for no apparent reason, it gives up during the shutdown procedure, it wont end processes and programs properly, it has stopped hardware manufacturers creating and releasing XP divers, etc., etc., etc.

  ventanas 10:49 23 Jan 2009

If you don't know what you're talking about, why bother. Absolute rubbish.

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