Laptop won't load desktop on start up

  Sonjaday 16:55 24 Jun 2014

Please bear with me, this is my first post and I'm not very computer literate. I have a Packard Bell laptop running Windows 7. All seemed fine until I turned it on the other day and after the login screen I noticed that the windows blue opening screen had a message saying, Preparing your desktop........ this stayed for a few minutes and then it went to my desktop, but the screen was black and none of my usual icons were present. There were none of my usual icons in the taskbar either. My usual browser of choice is Chrome, but now there is only IE in the taskbar. I did a scan with Malwarebytes and it came up with JS/Redir, I removed this and restarted the laptop, but had the same problem. I am able to access the internet, but a strange thing is that the default fonts for things like emails have changed. Please help me get my usual desktop and familiar surroundings back!!!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:52 24 Jun 2014

Try system restore to a date when it worked OK

  Sonjaday 20:23 24 Jun 2014

Thank you Fruit Bat, I tried System Restore, but it wouldn't work. I tried to boot from a repair disc, but it wouldn't pick up the disc.

  Sonjaday 15:51 25 Jun 2014

Thank you Jock1e

I tried Safe Mode after your suggestion, but the problem persists.

I was able to run Malwarebytes and it again found a problem pup.hklm/software/datamngr. I deleted this and restarted laptop, but the problem's still there.

If you can think of anything else I can try, I would be grateful.

Thank you.

  Sonjaday 19:29 25 Jun 2014

Thank you again Jock1e

I really appreciate you taking the trouble to try and help me with this problem.

Yes I am able to do three different back to factory settings and one would allow me to keep all my documents and photos etc. I've never done anything like that before, so for me at least it's a big step. You made starting in Safe Mode sound so matter of fact, that I was confident of trying it!!!!

I'll follow your suggestion of trying the other site for help.

Thank you once again.


  Secret-Squirrel 09:30 26 Jun 2014

"Thank you Fruit Bat, I tried System Restore, but it wouldn't work."

Are you saying that System Restore failed, or that it completed successfully but didn't fix your problem? If it's the former then trying the System Restore that runs outside of Windows frequently works a lot better and is a potential fix for your type of problem:

Turn your laptop off, turn it back on again then start tapping the F8 key quickly until you get that options screen again. Hopefully at the top of the list you'll have a "Repair your computer" option. If you do then select it and follow the prompts until you get to the "System Recovery Options" screen. Choose "System Restore" and choose an available restore point that pre-dates the start of your problem.

PS: I personally wouldn't spend any time trying to eradicate malware as it's unlikely to be the cause of your problem.

  Sonjaday 20:17 26 Jun 2014


Thank you so much for your advice.

The laptop was not able to complete a system restore. I followed your instructions and managed to do it in Safe Mode. When I restarted I had my desktop back and the Windows seemed to start normally. However, I cannot access the internet.

Thinking I had perhaps a firewall conflict problem, I tried to disable AVG but it wouldn't let me then I tried to uninstall it, but once again it wouldn't let me. I've found an uninstall programme, but I have to be on the internet to use it! Windows is not really load correctly, there's no help and support pages for instance. Although I now feel that AVG was possibly the problem all along. I feel if I can just uninstall AVG I'll be back to normal. I tried starting in Safe Mode again to see if I could get on the internet that way, but once again I couldn't get access.

With many thanks to all the very helpful people on this site, I feel I'm nearly there.

Any more help you can give me with this last problem again I will be very grateful.

Thank you

Kind Regards


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:35 26 Jun 2014

HAve a look in device manager to see if here are any exclamation marks against the NETWORK OR WIRELESS DRIVERS.

  rdave13 20:44 26 Jun 2014

Try running the system file checker a few times. Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Accessories. Right-click Command prompt, and then click Run as administrator. Type or copy sfc/scannow and press enter. If it finds errors but can't correct try a couple of times again. If it still fails then reboot.

Check laptop if wireless is switched off manually either by a switch somewhere or a combination of the FN key and another key.

As for any antivirus, never, use an uninstaller program to uninstall them, not even 'Revo'. Always search for the AV's own uninstaller tool, do not use anything else.

AVG Utilities.

  Secret-Squirrel 20:53 26 Jun 2014

Hi Sonja

Good to see that you've had partial success although your lack of Internet access is a bit of a worry.

" I feel if I can just uninstall AVG I'll be back to normal."

If you're running AVG Internet Security (that contains a firewall) then here are the removal tools (top six items in the list). Download the appropriate one for your version of Windows and AVG onto a pen-drive and run it on the affected computer. The tool doesn't require Internet access.

If that doesn't help then post as much detail about your Internet problem as possible. For example, are you using a wired or wireless connection, does Windows show you're connected, what does the Network Map show in Control Panel -> Network & Sharing Center, and have you tried the "Diagnose and repair network problems" option that's there?

Or, you could try a different System Restore point although I'd advise backing up your valuable personal data first just in case things get worse.

  rdave13 21:08 26 Jun 2014

Yet again, Secret-Squirrel , will leave in your capable hands. Why I bother to post any more beats me.

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