Laptop Voucher for Vista

  ragingmountain 21:59 10 Oct 2006

Hi am looking for a new laptop sub £900 and cant decide whither to buy now or wait for vista to be released, i really could do with it now, does anyone know of any companys giving free upgrade vouchers to vista? As this would be the ideal situation for me.


  Forum Editor 23:02 10 Oct 2006

and I'll be surprised if there are any. I can't think of a reason why a manufacturer or supplier would want to give away a voucher worth that much with a sub-£900 machine.

I'm happy to be proved wrong, though.

  ragingmountain 23:51 10 Oct 2006

I dont know of any either, but i'm assuming that once vistal is officially relesed those not running vista will be well behind the game. After all who wants to have to spend upwards of £150 to upgrade when it costs OEM producers very little for the licence.

I'd imagine in the run up to christmas surely some will offer this, or else they'll surley suffer from this late vista release?

  jz 23:57 10 Oct 2006

Some software companies have a policy of giving a free update to the next version of software if it comes out within (say) 6 months of you purchasing it. How nice it would be if Microsoft offered something like this.

  ragingmountain 14:51 11 Oct 2006

Yup it would, if i remember rightly they did with the migration to XP.

"After all who wants to have to spend upwards of £150 to upgrade when it costs OEM producers very little for the licence."

Anyone can buy an OEM version of XP click here so I'm sure you will be able to with Vista too

  ragingmountain 18:07 11 Oct 2006

"Anyone can buy an OEM version of XP click here so I'm sure you will be able to with Vista too"

Yup i know as thats what i have used in the past, however i'm sure that Dell etc arent paying £50 a time for it, as the concil are less than £20 a computer for a licence.

And Vista Pricing is liable no to be so cheap (or available) when it first hits us, for private system builders anyhow.

  josie mayhem 21:42 11 Oct 2006

If any voucher is going to be offered, then I should imagine this is going to happen nearer christmas.

Vista doesn't get released to the manufacturers until the end of October begining of November... then the manuafacturers will choose ther specs and configurations for there machines be it desktop or laptop, then they have to promote them and build them....

You might find that from mid to late November you might get a deal that offers a free/reduced up-grade if you buy now and Vista doesn't come out until later....

The only way to really know is to e-mail the vendors and ask what they intend to do or wait until they start shipping with vista installed..

  dth 09:46 12 Oct 2006

For a PC seller it might be worthwhile offering a 'free' VIsta upgrade for a high-end PC nearer Christmas if it helps sales or more likely if sales over this period are flat due to the then soon to be released Vista.

Or perhaps a 'nice' sticker with something like 'Vista ready PC' would be a cheaper option and just as effective. But then again is the average person in the street even aware what Vista is and that it is to be released next year.

  ragingmountain 12:42 12 Oct 2006

Yea i've seen many "vista ready" sticker type things... i suppose some people might be fooled into thinking it means "vista inside" i think i'll try and email some of the big sellers to see what the score is.

  ragingmountain 00:41 27 Oct 2006

Anyhow the time has come but now i dont need a laptop for a month anyhow!

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