Laptop troubles after repair-screen and keys

  karatesarath 06:03 15 Jan 2015

At first it was just a battery trouble but when i gave it for service in a private service center,they said an IC is damaged due to use of laptop while charging(as my battery could only hold little charge).After they replaced that IC and gave my laptop back.I found they just made everything worse.Two of my keyboard keys are not working properly now.key 'g' is not working.key 't' is working normally but is not working when shift is pressed.After using my latop for sometime, my screen got distorted.At present, it is always distorted from welcome password screen onwards.But it is clear in safe mode. I'm really afraid to give my laptop back to them again. Please help :/

windows7 homebasic

I think you should take a note of some Laptop Data recovery experts in your city who can personally look into this matter for you for assuring a long healthy life of your device.

  onthelimit1 08:47 15 Jan 2015

The keyboard problem is almost certainly caused by the keyboard ribbon connector not being properly installed (they would have had the keyboard off to access this mysterious 'IC' - no idea what they are talking about there! Use of laptop while charging is a normal way to use it!).

Can't say what the problem is with the screen. However, it should go back to them as they have not returned the laptop in a usable condition, and should fix it properly for free.

  onthelimit1 08:48 15 Jan 2015

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  karatesarath 15:20 15 Jan 2015


  karatesarath 15:23 15 Jan 2015

can i provide links tothe screen images here?

  karatesarath 15:37 15 Jan 2015
  onthelimit1 08:42 16 Jan 2015

That looks as though the video cable has also not been connected properly. You can check that if you have an ordinary PC monitor available - plug that into the VGA port on the laptop. You may then need to use the Fn key with one of the function keys at the top to change the video output from laptop screen to monitor.

I still think your best course of action is to take it back and ask them to fix it!

  Tony-2253818 13:03 16 Jan 2015

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