Laptop screen turning off

  ventanas 08:50 14 Feb 2008

Since the recent round of updates my wife's Vista laptop keeps turning off without warning. A brief touch of the power button brings it back again. So I assume it's going in to hibernation.

I've had a look around the power options and all the settings seem reasonable, but can't find an option to turn off hibernation, if indeed this is the cause.

Is it right that the only way to turn it off is through a command prompt using powercfg –h off

Grateful for any opinions on my diagnosis and the cure.

  ventanas 08:55 14 Feb 2008

Just had another thought. The updates would have created a restore point ( I Hope ).

I suppose this is another option.

  Ashrich 23:27 14 Feb 2008

Control Panel/power options/click on your power plan/change advanced power settings/sleep , expand sleep , expand hibernate change from there , do the same for sleep and hybrid sleep .


  ventanas 08:43 15 Feb 2008

Thank you, I will have a look tonight when I get home.

For the record I have turned off hibernation using the command prompt, and gone back prior to the updates with System Restore. Neither has worked.

Just shows there are still parts of Vista new to me after many months.

  Ashrich 23:09 15 Feb 2008

When you say " a brief touch on the power button brings it back again " does it actually go through a boot type process or does the desktop just reappear ?


  ventanas 11:25 16 Feb 2008

Sorry, been away for a bit.

It just reappears. No boot sequence.

All sleep/hibernate settings were set to Never. I have changed them just in case of recognition problems to some hours, and have turned off Hybrid Sleep. There is a definite improvement, but the goalposts have moved a bit. Now it seems to be going to sleep when moved. Comes back exactly as it was prior.
So I'm stumped. If something is loose somewhere then we have two causes of the issue. (By the way I'm on the laptop in question now) The memory for this machine is woefully low, and I've just got another 2Gb which I will install tomorrow.

I think my next step is to change the power setting choice altogether. (Currently using Dell default) but this does not include any option for lid closing or power button. I may choose one with more options, or a custom choice.

Many thanks for your help with this. I am very grateful.

  ventanas 11:26 16 Feb 2008

I meant to mention, I think this starting after the Windows updates is a coincidence, and not the cause.
It just doesn't feel right.

  ventanas 11:30 16 Feb 2008

But I've just picked it up a put it back quite heavily, and it stayed on.

I'm very close to reinstalling Windows with this, but if it should be hardware that won't do any good. And I don't want the hassle of setting up the wireless connection again if I can help it.

  Ashrich 20:13 16 Feb 2008

Go for the " performance " setting , then you can change the " battery " settings from there , that has options for closing the lid etc.


  ventanas 23:26 16 Feb 2008

Thanks Ashley. will have a look tomorrow after I've put the new memory in.

  T0SH 12:52 17 Feb 2008

Have you checked in BIOS setup usually in the "Power" section to see if anything like Standby or Suspend is enabled, if so it will override any windows settings

cheers HC

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