Keyboard appears to repeat strokes.

  Pine Man 16:59 19 Feb 2012

For some time I have noticed that, when completing dialogue boxes, it would look as if a key had stuck and that letter/symbol would start to run across the box like thissssssssssssssss until I hit another key. This happened randomly and with different keys. I tried altering repeat rates etc but it made no difference.

Assuming it was the, wired, Microsoft Comfort keyboard I splashed out and bought a new Micosoft Arc wireless keyboard a month ago. Expensive but a lovely keyboard however, you guessed, the same problem!

Out of interest I wrote to Microsoft for help. They sent me a new keyboard and told me to throw the old one away!!!

Any ideas?

  Pine Man 16:59 19 Feb 2012

  difarn 18:13 19 Feb 2012

Do you have a usb hub port? Have you tried putting the receiver for your wireless keyboard into a different usb port? Are all of your port drivers up to date? Are you using the windows generic driver for the keyboard? If so try installing the manufacturer's driver - or vice versa.

Do you have a wireless mouse? Are the batteries running low? There could be a conflict.

Do you have any cordless phones that could be causing interference?

If none of this helps have a look at this article on how someone solved their problem using a registry edit.

  Pine Man 08:32 20 Feb 2012

Thanks for your response.

It's nothing to do with USB - the first keyboard was ps2.

Both keyboards were tried with both generic and manufacturers drivers.

I have a wired mouse and the keyboard batteries are brand new.

Cordless phones are not causing interference.

Already tried the registry hack and Accessibility settings without joy.

  Woolwell 12:40 20 Feb 2012

Does this help?

  difarn 13:26 20 Feb 2012

Have a look at this article from a Windows 7 Forum - have you looked at the buffering of your keyboard?

There is an interesting piece of advice lower down from Microsoft about changing your video driver to a standard VGA driver.

  Pine Man 13:43 20 Feb 2012

Thanks guys you both provided me with the same link:-))

I have tried the VGA driver bit but no joy. What is interesting about the link is that they only seem to have a problem with wireless keyboards. I had the same problem with a ps2 wired keyboard before changing to my wireless Microsoft Arc keyboard that does exactly the same. My new Arc keyboard has arrived from Microsoft so I may as well try that one as well;-)

  difarn 13:54 20 Feb 2012

Sorry, the article I posted did contain some of the same advice at that in Woolwell's article but I was really referring to the advice from Microsoft in that article about the VGA driver.

I mean to attach this article about changing the buffering of your keyboard as opposed to changing repeat rate.

  Woolwell 14:07 20 Feb 2012

I thought I posted a different link Change keyboard settings which is for wired and wireless.

  Pine Man 14:42 20 Feb 2012


Sorry you are correct. I had several windows open and mistook the one from difarn as being from you. I have played with the settings earlier with no joy.


I am writing this with the new keyboard from Ms. It's ok at the moment and sometimes the fault doesn't occur for a day or two so I will leave things as they are for a while before trying the buffering.

I'll post back later with any results.

Thanks again to both of you for your advice so far.

  difarn 15:43 20 Feb 2012

You're welcome - hope it resolves itself.

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