Just Installed Vista Home Premium

  kinger 23:00 01 Feb 2007

Three little snags.

1 - I needed to install the RAID driver for my system as Windows couldn't see the hard drives without it.
2 - My Buffalo PC Card wireless Network device caused the blue screen of death every time I booted up, which surprised me as it worked when I first installed Vista.
Buffalo Tech haven't got Vista drivers for it yet, which surprised me again .... Vista is out but companies haven't written the drivers on time, why not?

3 - The RealTek HD audio drivers wouldn't work.
But I managed to download the very latest Vista drivers for this. All's well now.

Apart from that it was a clean installation (I couldn't upgrade from XP Pro, it had to be a new installation).

Only once so far has an odd thing happened and that was while downloading a couple of programs from the Internet, everything suddenly disappeared and when my desktop returned I was on MSN website with all other windows gone.

I will be upgrading two other PC's later this month.

Oh, and networking them all together isn't working either but that's a major job for the weekend.

Just thought I'd update those interested in how a first installation went.

How's everybody elses doing? I'd be interested to know.

  anskyber 23:06 01 Feb 2007

So would I, keep the info coming. Out of interest did you run the upgrade advisor and if so what did it say about your RAID?

  Forum Editor 23:27 01 Feb 2007

not all of them mine, and apart from some missing device drivers everything went according to plan.

As for

"...companies haven't written the drivers on time, why not?"

Well, it's a fairly common situation when a new Windows version is released. Some manufacturers are dfaster off the mark than others, and some have no intention of writing new drivers - perhaps because they're no longer supporting certain devices, or because they're about to launch a new model, and want people to migrate. There are lots of reasons, and although it can be very frustrating there's not a lot you can do about it, except wait, and hope that a driver appears.

As for the RAID issue, see my response in this thread click here

  anskyber 23:39 01 Feb 2007

Thanks for the link on RAID. There will come a time when there will be a very noisy splash as I jump into the Vista pool.

The MS Vista upgrade advisor tells me I need take no action( I run RAID 1) so if I do jump I'll be putting a lot of faith in the advisor. I regret to say slipstreaming is new ground for me.

  kinger 23:39 01 Feb 2007

It never mentioned RAID at all, which is why it caught me out.

FE, thanks, I'll look into that for future reference.

  kinger 23:41 01 Feb 2007

As long as you have the RAID driver, Vista does allow you to insert the CD and, after reading it, carries on, no problem.

You do have to swap the disc back round, of course, so that Vista disc is current in the drive.

  kinger 23:46 01 Feb 2007

click here

For something about SlipStreaming.

  kinger 23:48 01 Feb 2007
  anskyber 23:57 01 Feb 2007

Thanks for that.

If the advice is to be accepted from MS (as I understand it) during the Vista install process if an updated driver (RAID in this case) is needed Vista will go off merrily to find it as part of the install process. The no action required comment from the upgrade advisor seems to support that view.

However if I need to install as part of the process then things are somewhat different. My RAID controller is Intel and there is a driver for Vista available.

Hence my question earlier about your experience with the advisor.

  kinger 21:56 02 Feb 2007

It should ask for the driver while installing. Just put the disk in with the driver on it (the XP one will work) and, once copied, swap the disk back to the Vista one. Then continue.

  anskyber 23:21 02 Feb 2007

In the end and 2 hours later I discovered that my RAID driver was available and was XP and Vista compliant, so I now have it installed.

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