Just installed Vista, don't want to go back to XP

  rodriguez 13:05 09 Apr 2007

Yesterday I installed Windows Vista on my machine and I think I'm used to it already. I thought it would take a while to get used to but everything seems fine. I haven't had any major compatibility issues and the two bits of hardware that weren't yet compatible (a SoundBlaster soundcard and a Pinnacle TV tuner card) had drivers come through with a Windows update and now work fine. The OS itself is quite stable and hasn't crashed yet and there are some nice little extras (such as the Sidebar with RSS news feeds and a little slideshow of my pictures) that make it feel more comfortable. The only thing is that ZoneAlarm isn't yet supported, but I've configured Windows Firewall and the hardware one in my Netgear router and it all seems fine. I've also turned off UAC (as Kate B suggested in another thread), installed Firefox and it's all working well. I was considering dual booting it with XP at first, but now I don't think I'll need to bother. :-D

  anskyber 13:09 09 Apr 2007

Have a good look around Control Panel, it goes quite deep if you follow the "green" links back. I think it's one of the quiet achievements in Vista.

  Totally-braindead 14:30 09 Apr 2007

If you aren't having any problems why would you want to go back?

I'm having a few problems, nothing major all my hardware works, perhaps not quite as I would wish but it works. Had a bit of bother installing it and had to balnk the hard drive(as it refused to install as an upgrade) and a few software issues but its early days.

I'm really trying to get used to it and once I have where the programs are down pat I'll feel happier. I know you can search for them but I don't want to have to do that all the time, better to know where they are. Also got hit by a downloader trojan virus and its the first virus problem I've had in over a year and I've only been running Vista for 2 days. Hopefully its just something wrong with my setup.

  Kate B 14:41 09 Apr 2007

Welcome to VistaLand, rodriguez! Glad you like it :)

  rodriguez 20:50 11 Apr 2007

Yup I like Vistaland - the only thing is the boot screen is a little plain. So I changed it to one a bit more colourful - click here.

  anskyber 20:55 11 Apr 2007

A little more colourful!!?!!

  Kate B 20:56 11 Apr 2007

Blimey. *reaches for extra-dark sunglasses*

  Totally-braindead 21:19 11 Apr 2007

Glad you're happy rodriguez I gave up on mine and reverted to XP. The keyboard wasn't working properly some of the time and I couldn't live with that.

  CodenameCueball 10:59 15 Apr 2007

if you select no gui boot in msconfig you get an amazing 24bit boot screen

  rawprawn 15:19 15 Apr 2007

How do you change the boot screen in Vista?

  anskyber 15:26 15 Apr 2007

click here if you really want to.

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