Junk Files Cleaner for my Laptop?

  winkyG 10:01 14 Nov 2008

Hi everyone!
I have read some postings on Junk Files on PCs, but still this subject is not so popular...and there are lots of questions..
I found utility that works fine with all those junk files and folders it is - Junk Files Cleaner by Digeus Inc.

It can be found here: click here

It finds..It cleares.. It speeds up..

But still there is too less information on such utilities.

Are there any other tools that can delete never used files from Laptops as Junk Files Cleaner that I found?

I do appreciate you advices!

  DippyGirl 10:17 14 Nov 2008

Never used Junk Files Cleaner so cant comment on it
Have used CCleaner - which is very good. Might be worth a look click here

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