Jk Defrag

  standard8 20:23 30 Oct 2008

I ran a Jk Defrag on my laptop.Before starting,I had 49.1 GB free.After defragging,I had 44.5 GB free.Any explanation why this has happened.It didn't create any restore points during defragging.Laptop is an Advent 7201,Vista Home Premium.Can I do a system restore to before I defragged to get the 4.6 GB back?

  sunnystaines 20:46 30 Oct 2008

system restore, may hay have saved image prior to defrag.

  standard8 21:43 30 Oct 2008

Thank you sunny staines for your response.Would it have used as much as this,4.6 GB?I can never get my head round the difference between image and system restore.

  FatboySlim71 23:25 30 Oct 2008

System restore can take up a massive amount of space, I usually do a disk cleanup once every 2 weeks to get rid of all but my most recent restore point, I have saw times when I have freed up 30 or more gigabytes.

  maghemite 09:53 31 Oct 2008

Not sure, but maybe it's due to creation of shadow copies or system restore points? That seems to be a problem with Vista when the partition cluster size is less than 16kB.
click here

Seems like MS did not think through this whole shadow copy business :/

I use the recommended special VSS defrag mode when defragmenting with Diskeeper 2008 on Vista, and it works well. No unusual loss of disk space. I don't think jkdefrg has that vss option.

  standard8 17:01 31 Oct 2008

Thanks to everyone for their help.And thanks to maghemite for that link which although it is too technical for me to understand,reading it has assured me that nothing is wrong with my laptop.

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