Java installing on W7 and Firefox.

  Clueless4 11:01 17 Aug 2011

I have windows 7 Firefox 5.0. If I goto Java Test page it says I have no Java versions installed. But in Tools I have under Add-ons Java Deployment Toolkit 6.0.2407 enabled. I have downloaded both manually and online latest Java versions for both 64bit and 32bit browsers. When I try to install I get Error 1606. Could not access network location %ADPDATA%/. It then just gives option to retry. Or Windows lets me select "successful" and override(?) but its still the case that I go to Java Test and they cant find a Java Installed. I have done this in both Admin and User mode. I also would get this error sometimes with Flash. Can anyone tell me what to do? :( Thanks

  northumbria61 22:52 17 Aug 2011

Try this -

Go to Control Panel- Programs & Features and make sure all Java entries are uninstalled. Reboot.

Then download JAVA SE 6 Update 27 from here:

Install it again.

  Clueless4 07:26 20 Aug 2011

Hi thanks for replyn, sorry for delay Ive been unwell. I checked and it states there are no Javas installed. So I followed ur link and got the download of JSE and selected Windows x64 at the bottom of the list. After download I installed but all that came up was ,for a split second a box saying "Installation in progress - I think- and then after the screen being blank up came the same message before "Error 1606. Could not access network location %APPDATA%. Retry or Cancel I did this in guest mode. Will try Admin mode, now. I also tried downloading a registry fixer from microsoft last night but it has made no difference either. Sorry for delay in replying, hope you can still offer help. Thanks again Rod

  Clueless4 07:56 20 Aug 2011

Hi have switched to Admin mode but when I went online Friefox told me to upgrade to newest version, which has turned out to be 6!. I then followed the link you gave an downloaded the same file Windows x64. The same error has come up at end of process.

After dowloading file Winows x64. It comes up "Welcome to the Installation Wizard for Java (TM) SE DEvelopment Kit 6 Update 27 (64bit)" For some reason the next bit of text on the screen says " Java (TM) SE DEvelopment Kit 6 Update 27 (64bit) Setup is preparing the Installtion Wizard which will guide you through....Please Wait" The part between "through" and "Please wait" cant be read because two different texts are overlapping each other (?). The bottom right hand corner of this Java box has "back" "next" and "cancel" Only Cancel is every in blue, back and next stay greyed out and eventually up comes the same Error as before "Error 1606....." with retry and cancel my only options, retry does nothing but repeat and cancel brings up a second Error 1606 box with "ok" the only option. This "ok" leads to Installation Failed Java box with clicking Finish taking me to the inept Java Help. Sorry if most of this is of no use, just no idea what to be trying next. Thanks again Rod

  rdave13 17:12 20 Aug 2011

Backup your bookmarks and uninstall Firefox. Install an older version, link

Wait until Mozilla fixes the problem.

  Clueless4 21:23 20 Aug 2011

Are there many people with same problem? Having looked round google a few times, Ive seen similar error messages going back to 2009. I have followed the ones that were close to mine for either Adobe Air or Java and still found myself in the same situation :(

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