I've seen the future

  Kate B 23:15 23 Nov 2006

Many of you have had a chance to get up close and personal with Vista through the betas, but I hadn't seen it in action until today when I spent a couple of hours with some guys from Microsoft and I'm really impressed: it looks great, I particularly like the way it handles photographs and I'm really looking forward to getting it on my machine.

  Forum Editor 00:37 24 Nov 2006

"a couple of hours with some guys from Microsoft"

and you're all enthused. Give me their names.

  anskyber 13:12 24 Nov 2006

Steady on Kate!

From what you have seen ( of the flavours available) will Home Premium be the likely winner for home types like me, it does appear as if the ultimate will have bells a whistles which some may never use.

  Forum Editor 00:03 25 Nov 2006

The vast mjority of Home users will opt for the Home Premium version of Vista. Many of them will have no say in the matter anyway, because that's the version that will be preloaded on their new computer.

Enthusiasts might be tempted by the Vista Ultimate version.

  anskyber 10:42 25 Nov 2006

Thanks for that FE.

  powerless 14:16 25 Nov 2006

Any idea on the spec. of the machine?

  Kate B 14:24 26 Nov 2006

My machine, Powerless? *prepares to boast* It's got an AMD FX-55, 2GB Ram, 2x7900GTX in SLI, 2x10,000rpm Raptors in Raid 0 on an Asus A8N-SLI deluxe mobo, watercooled. It's 18 months old now and still the knees of the bees. Runs like a dream and steams through anything demanding without breaking sweat.

  anskyber 14:53 26 Nov 2006

Obviously a PC World special offer.

  powerless 15:00 26 Nov 2006

The Microsoft PC, the Microsoft PC...

  Probabilitydrive 15:04 26 Nov 2006

Kate B...just picture yourself in a year (with Vista istalled)!

You and your (impressive) system dealing with Vista's glass as if it would be shards..tripping the light fantastic in all Shader versions....

Me?? envious?? I say ...never ;-)

  wiz-king 17:14 02 Dec 2006

I hope you don't men it literally!
"and steams through anything demanding"

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