iran re invents the doodlebug

  sunnystaines 14:17 22 Aug 2010

v1/v2 re invented

click here

  Pine Man 15:23 22 Aug 2010

Which, presumably, uses Windows 7 as it's operating system;-)

  a member 16:23 22 Aug 2010

and who cares ?? it must have been designed on a windows 7 PC ,otherwise what is this thread doing on this forum.

  sunnystaines 16:54 22 Aug 2010

do not know thought i had posted on speakers, have to wait for the FE to move it sorry.

  Pine Man 17:51 22 Aug 2010

Not so actually. They were bombs this carries bombs.

  Muergo 09:49 25 Aug 2010

V! and V2 were rockets carrying bombs, designed? to run out of fuel just as they were over target, which accounts for their inaccuracy, even so, by sheer numbers they got enough on London, but many dropped in the suburbs, as I told sunnystaines that one dropped and demolished a whole house only about 100yds away from where he lives.

I was 2 at the time!! and it was two doors away from my grandmas house.

  Pine Man 14:42 25 Aug 2010

V1 & V2 were jet propelled bombs. The Iranian proposal is for an unmanned jet that can drop bombs.

  Muergo 11:36 26 Aug 2010

Why should they need unmanned planes, they have so many suicide fanatics who would volunteer to fly, just as the Japanese did in the last stages of the war, I saw photos of these pilots lined up. psyched up ready to go to heaven, knowing there was no chance of them getting back, how can you fight a culture like that.

The current war is being fought here on our PC's, I read this weekend about the continuous fight the CIA is waging against computer wreckers infecting everything and using millions of our computers as unwilling helpers.

How can I tell that my PC has not a buried Trojan somewhere helping to undermine our security, I bet our best programs can't detect some of them.

They could affect the Tube system, the international telephone centre, probably keep the Thames Barrier from raising when we need it.

It concerns me a lot.

  Pine Man 12:23 26 Aug 2010

I find that a Gin & Tonic helps to put things in perspective.

  canarieslover 20:45 26 Aug 2010

And half a dozen G&T's make the whole world seem a much better place!!!

  Jameslayer 11:31 28 Aug 2010

What a shame that Irans doesnt give any usefull stats for the drone.

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