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  misog 09:44 04 Aug 2008

I have bought a Tesco internet telephone which I get reasonable voice quality when connected to my XP laptop using either a wirelss broadband connection or direct to the broadband modem.
BUT When I connect it to my VISTA pc the reception breaks up all the time making it impossible to use.
I have reinstalled the PC, increased its memory, tried running with no other usb,s connected, upgraded to 20meg all with no effect.
The fact that the phone works ok on my XP laptop means that both the phone and my broadband connection are ok.
So is it possible that the phone is not VISTA compatible although Tesco say it is.

  dms_05 08:58 05 Aug 2008

Which Tesco phone are you using? Some are XP only whilst later ones are Vista compatible. I have a Tesco IPA 1000 and that is OS independent (it connects directly to the router and I connect a standard DECT phone to the IPA) and works when the computer is off.

Have you tried contacting Tesco click here I have found them very helpful.

  misog 17:59 05 Aug 2008

The phone is a GG100 which is compatible with Vista .
I seem to remember that I did not have this problem when I first set the phone up.
Im wondering how compatible it is with SP1

  dms_05 10:26 06 Aug 2008

Have you updated the Tesco Internet Phone Software? Maybe they have a newer SP1 version?

  dms_05 10:30 06 Aug 2008

Have you checked your firewall? If you are using the MS firewall the version for Vista is much more sophisticated than the one for XP and you may need to enable the phones ports. Try turning the firewall off and make a call, if it works then it's a firewall problem.

  misog 13:10 06 Aug 2008

I have connected the pc straight to the cable modem and have run it with the firewall off but I still have the poor reception.
Ita also running the latest software.

  dms_05 09:10 09 Aug 2008

Have ypou spoken directly with click here I find they respond well to email enquiries.

  misog 09:31 09 Aug 2008

I have returned the phone back to the store and got a refund.
I have contacted the helpline by phone and mail but they have not been able to come up with a answer.
For your info I have found that it is not caused by SP1. Also its not a USB problem as the sound is still distorted using the "soft phone" and PC speakers with the USB unplugged.

  dms_05 11:17 09 Aug 2008

Tesco are very good at refunds. I changed from XP to Vista and even though my Tesco phone (XP) was well out or warranty they swapped it for one that was Vista compatible. Later I went to the IPA 1000 so I was independent of my PC and OS.

Just for information - Internet Phones can use one of many codecs for the sound and if you aren't using the same as the phone needs then sound can be a problem.

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