internet signal problem

  paul222 01:04 14 Nov 2011

Hi guys I got problem with my internet not picking up arial signal. Have changed wii card reloaded drivers reconnected to internet afresh and connected another arial all to no avail.

Get 2 or 3 bars from 5 arial connected or not, Any ideas thanks.

  difarn 08:04 14 Nov 2011


Have you made sure that nothing nearby is interfering with the wifi signal - cordless phone, microwave etc/

Have you tried changing the wifi frequency on your wireless router?

  difarn 08:09 14 Nov 2011

Hi again,

Another thought - when you re-loaded the drivers did you delete the card in device manager and then let Windows detect it and use it's default driver?

  paul222 10:31 14 Nov 2011

Hi difarn, Thanks for he responce but I think you missed he point. Arial connected or not the signal srengh remains the same so for some reason the card is not detecting or using the arial.

  difarn 11:41 14 Nov 2011

Hi again,

Sorry if I misunderstood. Are you saying that your router is not recognising a signal from your wifi aerial and that you are effectively not connected?

Have you checked that the wireless card ha been enabled in network connections?

  paul222 16:36 28 Nov 2011

The router is fine. Signal strength is nothing to do with router or signal strength.

The problem is in receiving the signal as only 2 bars of strength antenna plugged in or not.

Have also swooped wifi card and antenna

  difarn 17:46 28 Nov 2011


A few things that come to mind

Are you connected to your router by an ethernet cable and trying to set up your wireless connection? In some PC's windows will automatically disable one or the other but not all and there may be conflict. If this is the case remove the ethernet cable.

Could it be that your PC is quite a way away from your router and needs a booster?

I assume that your antenna is securely connected.

It may be that the network your PC is trying to join is not broadcasting its network name (SSID). Should this be the case:-

Open Connect to a Network by clicking the Start button  

Click Set up a connection or network.

Click Manually connect to a wireless network, and then type the network information.

The network will be added to your list of networks and will be available to connect to

in the future when your computer is in range of the network.

  paul222 16:58 01 Dec 2011

Hi agian none of these things are the problem My laptop for some reason is not picking up the full strength of the signal that is sent out from any router.

I have a belkin wireless connection at the minute which picks up at full strength.

thanks Vaughn.

  difarn 19:41 01 Dec 2011

The only other thing I can think is the wifi frequency of the router needs changing. You will have to go into the settings of your router to change this. Channel 11 is usually a good bet but if you do change from whatever you have now then change it to something at least 3 points higher. To access these settings you will need to type in your router address - usually 192.168.1.xxxx

  paul222 17:07 02 Dec 2011

Thanks for the thought but other lap top picks up signal fine and other local signals are available but my laptop picks up just our router but as I said reception is very weak.

Its an odd one thats for sure.

  a member 19:23 02 Dec 2011

just a thought, but what standard does the wifi use g/h or the newer n. my belkin wifi adapter is N but when installed initially (n) is disabled by default and signal strength show only about 2 bars even if I am only feet away from the router. maybe worth a check .

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