Internet Link not Loading

  BoilerOil 12:54 20 Dec 2007

I have installed a Wireless Router, my Laptop has now found it, that works ok.
When I call up a browser click on a link it wont load the page.

I went into Control Panel, Network and Internet,then Network and Sharing Center, on the page it says "Access Local only" has this anything to do with the page not loading if so how do I change it.


  anskyber 12:56 20 Dec 2007

It should say access local (ie your network) and internet.

  anskyber 12:57 20 Dec 2007
  anskyber 13:02 20 Dec 2007

Also click here

  BoilerOil 14:20 20 Dec 2007

In Network and Sharing Center at the top there are three icons,
Laptop-------BTVoyager-----X----Internet the first two are connected by a green line the next line has a red cross every thing else looks fine.


  anskyber 14:39 20 Dec 2007

Have you run the "connect to the internet wizard"?

  BoilerOil 15:04 20 Dec 2007

Yes I have just run through it again and it is still the same.


  anskyber 15:54 20 Dec 2007

I hope I have not misled you, if I have,I apologise for doing so. I had assumed (perhaps wrongly) that you were using a host PC to share your connection.

With residential gateways (uch as yours?)our ISP may as mine did have an address to put into the blank web page address area which takes you straight on line. In effect it is the router doing the sharing not the main host PC.

I regret any confusion on my part.

  BoilerOil 16:41 20 Dec 2007

No you have not misled me, What you said about typing an ISP address into the browser jogged my memory I went back to the install instructions and found the ISP number which took me to their configuration manager page I entered my user name and password and I was connected to the internet.

Thank you for all your help.


  anskyber 16:44 20 Dec 2007

Phew! My guilty feelings have just evaporated.

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