Internet Explorer blank page

  bigpond 18:35 10 Apr 2007

Does anyone know why I might get a totally white screen that is called an explorer blank page. This pops up while I am doing something else, literally "out of the blue".
As there is no system bar, the only way I can get rid of it is to get to task manager and disable the page to get back to the desktop.

  Python33 19:30 13 Apr 2007

im not a hundred percent sure but are you using IE6 or the new IE7? i found the same thing happening to me using the IE6, but since i brought a new laptop with Vista & IE7 that has stopped. it may be IE's way of saying upgrade the Explorer.

  bigpond 19:54 13 Apr 2007

No, this is in Vista, so I am using IE7

  Python33 20:03 13 Apr 2007

oh ok, sorry cant help then my Explorer seems to be working fine

  Killo Bite 23:16 15 Apr 2007

I have seen skyBroadband installation CDs damage iev7 also McAfee

  skidzy 00:02 16 Apr 2007

From another pc/laptop download Firefox and save to a flashdrive or cd (do not open or run) load this to the problem pc and download a few programs from click here
run them in safemode (Tapping F8 on startup)

I would assume you have been hijacked by some malware/Spyware.Also check in uninstall a program for any unwanted toolbars or programs you do not recognised.

Alternatively,you could boot into safemode and try a system restore.

  aaucone 19:19 18 Jul 2007

I have the same problem! Noone knows what to do!
I have been trying to resolve this problem for the last 6 months. I have done eveything! I had a Mcafee trial, that is over, I have tried cox security suite, I currently have ca security, blank page came up with each one of these installed. I do not think this is a security issue. I think it may be a vista problem. I had xp on another computer before and I never had this problem, then I bought this computer with vista, that is when it started. I even tried to us firefox becouse the page pops up saying (blank page-windows internet explorer)How can I make blank page stop poping up?

  skidzy 19:39 18 Jul 2007

Please start a new thread in the HELPROOM.

Clearly title your thread with your problem.

And maybe we can help get you.

  skidzy 19:45 18 Jul 2007

Sorry should have read;
" And maybe we can help you "

now you mention it, thats a problem i used to have, but no longer have since reinstalling it on another pc. i always thought it was a missing plug in.
the only difference i can see is i swapped norton with kaspersky and only use one phishing filter, i do find ie7 has quite a few bugs though, such as restarting and sometimes struggles to keep up with my typing, however, no more blank pages.

  Blankpage 08:48 02 Dec 2007

I have been hassled with this ever since I bought this computer- windows vista. After I log on, a "blank page from notepad pops up-I've tried to delete several ways and nothing works. I can't see it in "Start Up from System Configuration and I tried several other ways to delete and it keeps coming back.
Any advice?

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