Internet connection Icon red X on StartUp

  Rob_08 17:13 19 May 2008

I had to do an installation of Vista Ultimate today for an old friend and no surprise that it installed quickly and easily, im sure he could of done it himself really, its so straightforward.
I installed his Asus chipset drivers and ethernet drivers for him and then thats where the fun began.
On startup the "connected to the internet" icon.
( two little screens with globe) in the taskbar had a nice red X on it, i waited and waited and then it turned into the little connected icon with the globe. Hmm strange i thought, shouldnt do that, so i rebooted, it did it again ,and again..
Have no idea what to do to get it to connect right away on startup as i dont use Vista myself.
Theres a lag on the connection icon to turn connected on startup even though on checking i could connect long before it turned itself on.

Any ideas anyone ? Thanks.

  skidzy 18:11 19 May 2008

I have the same problem from time to time and just put it down to the sequence of drivers while loading.

Have you tried reducing the startup apps in MSCONFIG to see if its quicker.

Though occassionly i have this small issue,it does always connect after about 10-15 seconds.

  anskyber 18:46 19 May 2008

I agree with skidzy it's probably a driver sequence issue, it happens to me too.

  Rob_08 19:41 19 May 2008

Ok. Thanks for the confirmation.

  Why wont it work 11:36 20 May 2008

It's a known problem- its a problem with a certain service upon startup. The internet should be connected however, it's just the symbol says otherwise.

If you google the problem, there is a service you can disable (workstation i think). I disabled it because I didn't need it for anything and the internet connects straight away.

  Rob_08 14:48 20 May 2008


He clled me this morning and said he couldnt get used to Windows Mail, couldnt understand why the address book was missing down the left and that a big whie pane was there. I explained O.E was "no more" but he then went on to say his Hardisks were being killed on each boot by constant accessing. ! I kept my own thoughts about Vista to myself and explained it would settle down but hes pi**ed off and wants me to put XP back on.
He'll pay for me to do it but its a shame coz i wasted a whole morning on it yesterday Grrr.
Never mind , i can understand how he feels as i also went back to XP because of annoying glitches and the feel Vista was a bit rushed and unfinished.
Thanks for the info guys.

  skidzy 18:32 20 May 2008

The reason the hdd is thrashing along is because of the service SUPERFETCH.

This learns the users habits and caches this into the memory resulting in higher cpu usage at the same time.This will settle down in time and all will be fine.

However,you can if you wish disable Superfetch through services.

Windows orb and type in the search box


and enter

Agree to any uac prompts.

Scroll through to Superfetch and stop the service.

This should now reduce the activity on the harddrive and extra cpu usage upon bootup.

  Rob_08 20:18 20 May 2008

Hi skidzy.
Thanks for that but he already decided he'd had enough of Vista and Windows mail and wanted XP back on. I couldnt really tell him " tough, live with it" lol. Lets hope he doesnt change his mind again ! ( Hes rather old)

On a seperate note i also noticed even though the install was clean that in the performance logs, it was full of errors, couple of criticals etc and !! marks. That kind of made me wonder what was going on with it to as the drivers i installed were all up to date to.
The machines fairly new with a dual core and 2 gigs of RAM. and it ran alright for me.
But i'm not the customer in this case so i will do what he wants and hope hes happy.
Thanks again.

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