Installing Vista

  Kate B 21:53 15 Dec 2006

So I'm going to be installing Vista over the weekend if the postman does his job properly. It's the RTM version - is there anything I should know/fret about? I'm assured by the Microsofties that it should be painless ...

  anskyber 23:06 15 Dec 2006

Hmmm. how come? Is this favouritism for scribblers!!?

  Kate B 23:30 15 Dec 2006


  anskyber 23:34 15 Dec 2006

Drat!! Well, in exchange it's your responsibility, nay duty to report your experiences here. I'll be watching :-))

  Kate B 00:54 16 Dec 2006

Yeah, if I can get back online ... Vista upgrade advisor is muttering about my Raid drivers, but others assure me that won't be a problem. Watch this space.

  anskyber 08:13 16 Dec 2006

Well I am interested in that point. I run in RAID 1 and the Vista upgrade advisor tells me the drivers will come with the Windows updates.

  sunny staines 10:34 16 Dec 2006

whate firewall / antivirus do you intendto use with vista?

  Kate B 11:15 16 Dec 2006

I run Raid 0 and I've got my restore disc all ready in case the Vista install doesn't work with my Raid setup. Watch this space. SS, I'm planning to stick with my usual AVG/ZoneAlarm set-up, though apparently the Windows firewall in Vista is now a two-way affair so perhaps I'll not bother with ZoneAlarm, as I've also got a router that acts as a hardware firewall.

Anyway, it's here - I'm just backing up my data before donning my tin hat and going in.

  anskyber 11:23 16 Dec 2006

This may be some use. click here

  Kate B 11:34 16 Dec 2006

that's really useful, thanks, anskyber. Nothing of mine seems to be in the problem list.

  Forum Editor 11:32 17 Dec 2006

my installation (yes, a journalist's perk) went as smoothly as a smooth thing from the smooth shop.

I don't have any third-party firewall now, and so far so good. Backing up data is an absolute must with any new O/S installation, and I treated Vista no differently. When the installer finished its job there were all my data files, sitting snug and safe - nothing had been harmed or changed in any way.

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