Installing Drivers for Graphics Card Update

  Newuser38 11:24 24 Aug 2007

I have been using Home Premium with a Geforce 2MX/MX 400 64mb card. It has worked ok but I thought I would try a new card with 128mb and installed a Geforce 6200 128 which has been identified here as ok. Both are AGP.

I have uninstalled the drivers for the old card and installed the new card but it first of all came up with squares and then the colour background with illegible text. Then is PC set up ok?
I realised that the installation disc did not have vista drivers.I have downloaded them from the Nvidia site. How , or when should I install them when I cant read the screen with the replacement card installed.

The pc is Athlon 1.25 GHz with 1.5gb RAM and a 160gb HDD PSU 300w

Any thoughts please.I dont need to do anything 'heavy' graphically. So maybe I stick with the old card. Could the new card be duff?

  Newuser38 19:39 24 Aug 2007


  Totally-braindead 20:35 24 Aug 2007

It could be duff but I would try removing the 6200 and reseating it a few times, AGP slots are very tight and its very easy to be sure its firmly seated and discover its not.

I'm surprised you put Vista Premium on a PC as old as yours its not got much processing power but I suppose if you're happy with it then fine.

Once the card is fitted properly and you restart windows will load drivers for it, if it doesn't give a display then either the card is faulty or as I said most likely not fitted right.
Then you just install the updated drivers.

  Newuser38 12:07 25 Aug 2007


Thanks for help. This is actually my youngest machine.

I am now getting a display with the 6200,which on a normal start cuts off with a very clear screen message "PC Settings Correct?" if I load in safe mode the display is distorted and text unreadable.
Which suggests, I think, a driver problem rather than a faulty card.

Any further thoughts ?

  Totally-braindead 20:34 25 Aug 2007

Not a clue, I've got to be honest and say I've never seen this message before. I assume its something to do with Vista?

  Newuser38 14:17 26 Aug 2007

Anyone else??

  Newuser38 11:31 27 Aug 2007

Bump one more time

  Newuser38 18:51 27 Aug 2007

I got in touch with my supplier who advised the card should pick up drivers from Windows and work straight away.
It has gone back and the replacement worked out of the box.

Thanks again Totally-braindead.

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