InstallBrain Updater Service

  tamsin 17:11 15 May 2012

Hi Have a problem with InstallBrain Updater Service trying to get me to install it every time I switch on my computer.

It is under ProgramData\INUpdaterService\ibsvc.exe/SERVICE.

Have tried the following advice but all the options are greyed out. "Go to Control Panel, from there select and open Administrative Services. At the bottom of the list is Services. Left click on that and open it. A list of Local Services will appear. Find in the list "Installbrainserviceupdate" Right click on it. From the drop down select properties. Then you will go to another page and you want the 'general page". About mid page there will be section called "startup type" It will usually show "automatic" as the selection. Click the down arrow and you will be given the choice of automatic, manual, or disable. Select disable, then select apply, the select OK. This will not delete the file but it is just a good as gone"

I also cannot delete it from the ProgramData - tells me it is in use by another program.

Don't know where this has come from but I don't want it. There seeems to be some idea that it is installed by FireFox???

Can anyone help me to get rid of it please.

  lotvic 01:10 16 May 2012

According to *"It is a tool to be used by software publishers and distributors of "free" software and is intended to increase the profits of their "free" distributions"*

InstallBrain appears to be the chosen installer of a software program that you have installed. The updater service seems to be to send info back to the program makers about your use of the software (?) as far as I can make out from the features page I have linked to and info on WWWeb it tracks everything.

As far as I can work out, to stop the updater nagging to install it, you have to delete the ibu.exe (ibu = installbrain Updater) it may be in your Temp Folder or in C:/programData\IBUupdaterService\ibsu.ex\updater or in Add/Remove Programs OR all of them :(

Depending on which software program used InstallBrain as it's installer the updater may even go by a different name. First thing to try is to Clean out your temporary internet files and temp files (empty them both)

  tamsin 17:41 16 May 2012

Thanks for info Iotvic. I had run CCleaner and ADvance System Care to clean out as much as I could. Have again deleted temp internet files and temp files.
I have located the program in ProgramData\IBUpdaterService\ibsvc.exe but it will not let me delete it, just says it is in use. There is no reference to it at all in the list of programs either using Explore or the Win Uninstall listing. I have looked with Revo Uninstaller too but cannot see it anywhere other than in the ProgramData listing. I wish I knew which program had brought it in. I try to download via CNet which has always proven to be reliable to try and avoid this situation. Guess I must just keep trying - I'll try to find ouot which programs use InstallBrain. Thanks for help

  john bunyan 18:31 16 May 2012

Try deleting in Safe Mode.

  lotvic 20:02 16 May 2012

Have a look in TaskManager and see if you can rightclick on it and stop it running in there, then try deleting ProgramData\IBUpdaterService\ibsvc.exe

  lotvic 20:10 16 May 2012

Apparently you can stop it and then delete it in a cmd window ClickHere

How to disable this service.

Open a command prompt. Start > Run > cmd (Run a command prompt as Administrator in Windows vista/7)

Copy command line and Paste.

sc stop "IBUpdaterService"

sc config "IBUpdaterService" start= disabled

How to delete this service.

sc delete "IBUpdaterService"

Done.! Close the command prompt.

  jin1234i 08:32 21 May 2012

Install Brain Updater Service has not been reviewed yet if you'd like to support the project.

  lotvic 21:20 21 May 2012

jin1234i, potential spammer. Has been banned from loads of forums.

  abiatarfestus 03:24 07 Jun 2012

I had the same problem (and it was really bugging me), but I solved it with the same instructions/steps that you quoted. Just change "startup type" to "disable", you might see that it will still be running and you won't be able to delete it, but if you go back to local services and "STOP" it (service status), then you will be able to delete it. As long as it's not running in the services, then you should be able to delete it, surely! Make sure it's showing STOPPED (on status)first before you attempt to delete it. Good luck!!!!!!!!

  chub_tor 10:49 07 Jun 2012

If it runs at start up it should show up in msconfig. Have you tried running msconfig and checking the StartUp Tab then scrolling down the list to see if it is there? If so untick the box. This won't uninstall the programme but at least it will stop it from running on start up.

  tamsin 14:20 11 Jun 2012

Thanks for all your suggestions. Today I have finally deleted this annoying program!! Typed in command prompt: sc delete "IBUpdaterService" and bingo it was successful. Have tried this before and it would not work - guess just have to do it at the right time.

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