Install Win 7 on a home built PC

  very old codger 13:52 29 Jun 2011

I need to upgrade from Win XP 64 to Win 7 x 64. 1/ What is the difference between Win 7 Oem version and Win 7? Can I use either - are there problems? 2/ Occasionally I need to do a clean re-install ( Upgrading PC neds HDDs etc). With XP 64 re-activation is not a problem, I bgelieve Win 7 only permits one activation - is this correct and if so how are cases such as hardware upgrades and fatal crashes handled?

Thanks in advance.

  Crosstrainer2 14:44 29 Jun 2011

An oem copy of Windows can only be installed on one machine. You can re-install as many times as you wish, but it must be the same PC. A full copy can be installed on any PC so, if you upgraded your computer, providing you wipe the old one prior to sale, you can use the full copy on your new computer.

  very old codger 16:10 29 Jun 2011

Thanks Crosstrainer2, Just what I needed to know -I'll go with the retail version.

  Zeppelyn 16:52 29 Jun 2011

Yup, retail is always the better option for us upgraders.

  a member 18:09 29 Jun 2011

I think maybe some confusion ,between OEM ,Upgrade ,and full retail . 1. UPGRADE, can only be installed on one machine ,you cannot uninstall an install to another PC ever ,and it must stay on the machine its installed on . its a use once solution . 2. FULL RETAIL, is a complete OS you will get 32 and 64 bit in the package and you can use either or switch between either provided only one PC is used , if you sell or scrap that PC you may retain the right to use the OS on a future machine provided you have removed it from the first . 3. OEM original equipement manufacture ,is aimed at companies like DELL,HP,etc... the idea is that it can be installed en-masse as it were ,on many machines using the same key for a given manufacturer. it requires that the machine have a SLIC file (software liciencing) embedded in the BIOS of the machine ,and the inclusion also af a Certificate,from the manufacturer ,that combine allows the use of a common key. There is not really any difference between retail and OEM discs, as you can use any windows 7 installation disc as they all contain all of the installation files, but depending on what key you use determines the installation type . OEM, retail or Upgrade.

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