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  donki 18:50 14 Nov 2009

Hi guys I have WIN 7 instlled and validated running well, I bought WIN 7. Just want to know say I wanted to reinstall it from scratch using the disk would i be able to or not, basicall can I only install it once? Maybe a stupid question.


  Pine Man 18:56 14 Nov 2009

Install as often as you like but only one machine at a time. You may have to validate occasionally but that's not a problem.

  donki 18:57 14 Nov 2009

thank you, I just have it instaled on a normal drive no partition is this ok?

  Pine Man 08:31 15 Nov 2009


  gazzaho 13:16 16 Nov 2009

As far as I'm aware Microsoft allow two or three installations a year, after this they may require you to re-activate over the phone, as pine man says you can re-install it as often as you wish as long as it's on the same machine if it's an OEM copy or on one machine at a time if a retail version.

Why not use the built in backup program to make a system image or buy Acronis True Image, you can make a backup of the disk just after it has been installed and it can then be used to reinstall instead of a full re-installation, that way there is no activation issues.

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