Images disappearing from Windows Live Photo Gallery

  beanabroad 15:17 25 Jun 2011

Hi, I currently use Windows Live Photo gallery to edit and organise my photos. Its worked fine until recently.. after editing a photo yesterday I clicked on the arrow button to move onto the next image and as usual a dialogue box popped up telling me it was saving the changes made to the photo and I could click to revert to the original at any time. I moved onto the next image but realised that I'd forgotten to do something and clicked to go back, but the image had gone. I've searched through all my photos and looked in my recyle bin, but the image is nowhere to be found. I may be missing something obvious of course, but I'm scratching my head to know what has happened. Can anyone please help? I think I've lost about a dozen images now...:( Thanks in advance.

  chub_tor 15:28 25 Jun 2011

It sounds as if Live Phot Gallery has either changed the name of the picture or changed the extension. When you did a search for it did you specify just the name or the name and the extension? Try searching the complete hard drive for the file name first then by extension but specifying only for with yesterday's date.

  beanabroad 16:27 25 Jun 2011

I'll have a go! thanks for your swift response..x

  beanabroad 17:11 25 Jun 2011

I found the original images, which is a relief, so I've saved copies back to the album. Still no trace of the edited versions though and now I'm worried about using WLPG as its obviously saving my edits to an unknown location or letting them disappear into the ether. I have tried asking Microsoft support but encounter an error as I try to submit the query... grrrr

  David4637 16:39 13 Jul 2011

I think gallery saves the editted photos and "overwrites" the originals. You can then FIX them and revert them back to make them orinals again. The best option is - Edit the photo and then select "Make a copy" from the menu, then save it as "copy", that way you have your original in tact, and the enhanced photo also saved. I found this out the hard way. David

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