Im new to vista

  collinsc 14:18 17 Aug 2007

Im totally new to it..

does anyone have any good tips?

Perhaps something useful which you didnt realise was possible for a while..?

  sunny staines 14:37 17 Aug 2007

goto your library get a book called "vista insideout" by ed bott an excellent easy read cover most thing related to vista.

  sunny staines 14:38 17 Aug 2007

forgot to mention google "vista tips"

  collinsc 14:52 17 Aug 2007

Thanks my friend

  Totally-braindead 15:56 17 Aug 2007

Agree with sunny staines a book from the library is a good way to go, I like the Dummies books. They are brilliant for learning but think getting one from the library is best as after you've gone through it I personally don't find them much use as a reference book unlike some others. If you want to buy it click here or you could subscribe to PCA and get the Vista book ( no idea how good it is though).

  4gig 15:59 17 Aug 2007

Yes, I also find the book for Dummies to be a good read for my students.
Good value as well.

  ventanas 21:16 17 Aug 2007

I have to echo what sunny staines has said. That book by Ed Bott (and two others) is superb. I had read it cover to cover before I even considered switching on my first Vista PC. I don't see how anyone can hope to get to the bottom of the OS without something like this.

  tullie 07:23 18 Aug 2007

Did we buy books for 95,98.98se,xp?

  lil27 08:28 18 Aug 2007

I am not a PC boffin by any means and to be honest I don't see what all the fuss is about. I have been using vista for about two weeks now and i find it easier than XP, 98 etc. The help pop ups, confirmation messages etc are so much easier to understand i.e laymans terms. Just bear with it and fiddle with the help & support options.


  Pine Man 08:40 18 Aug 2007

Certainly did and also for the Sinclair Spectrum & Commodore Amiga!

  Totally-braindead 16:10 18 Aug 2007

tullie I got books out of the library for Win 3.11, Win 95, Win98SE and XP - also got the Vista one out. I do find them handy at the beginning but very few are useful as a reference later which is why I get a library copy.

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