I'm cursed

  Kate B 12:30 21 Mar 2007

I don't believe it. I just had a pop and a bang and a whiff of burnt PSU. I sincerely hope it is just a dead PSU and not a dead motherboard, too *plaintive wail*

  skidzy 13:17 21 Mar 2007

Power surge Kate ?.. on the new Vista ?...ouch !!

  Totally-braindead 13:41 21 Mar 2007

Did you not have something else fail hardware related just last year Kate B? I seem to remember something to do with the graphics cards.
If so you have been extremely unfortunate. To be honest I can't remember the last time any bit of hardware failed me. Fingers crossed.
Its not as if its an old PC either.

  Kate B 14:16 21 Mar 2007

Ouch indeed. T-b, yes, I had to replace the mobo last year *sobs bitterly* I'm hoping it's just the PSU. My hardware guru is on his way over with a working PSU which will tell me if the mobo has died.

sorry to hear that kate, thats why i dont like leaving mine alone, especially as everything but my mobo has been installed by yours trully!
was it underload or did you have a power surge or did it just pop?

  Forum Editor 16:13 21 Mar 2007

and the burning smell that noticeable, the chances are that the PSU is the culprit. Let's hope so.

The nation holds its breath.

is the pca clock fast, or mine slow? sorry for noticing that but im waiting for open office to download!

  anskyber 16:20 21 Mar 2007

Oh dear. Good luck with the PC. Have you been upsetting anyone recently, it's got all the look of the curse of the PCA forum. ( I jest in case any of the comment is taken the least bit seriously)

  Pine Man 16:25 21 Mar 2007

That was a joke!

  Kate B 17:17 21 Mar 2007

We're pretty sure it's the PSU :( The pop, bang and smell seems pretty conclusive *sigh* We plugged the PSU in again and got another pop, bang and smell. Oh, and bright white spark, too.

  Forum Editor 18:13 21 Mar 2007

by plugging it in again - install a new one. Something is shorting inside the PSU, and at mains voltage.

Bin it.

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