If windows 8 were a car it would be off the road

  cav3 18:31 05 Jan 2014

I have bought a new computer with windows 8, after using windows xp for 9 years,without any problems,am I alone when I have to restart the computer after installing software it takes 15 minutes or more to reboot, or am I doing something wrong,I am using a Medion desktop and its really good,very quiet, and fast, it's windows 8 that's the nightmare. I know that technology has to progress, but lets keep it simple! sometimes I can't find the X to click off a programme. hope someone out there can give me some hope

  chub_tor 10:36 06 Jan 2014

it's windows 8 that's the nightmare No it's not, Windows 8 is very fast, it will be as Jock1e suggests and probably be a load of start up programmes that Medion think you need. Go to Task Manager, Startup and disable all the unnecessary bloatware that they have installed. (And let me add uninstall all those extras unless you find them useful).

  AroundAgain 11:32 06 Jan 2014

I appreciate this won't help the running of your pc but will surely help you understand the operating system.

Windows 8 Secrets (free pdf download, but almost £20 in physical book format) may help you find your way around Windows 8, if you're having problems.

I used this when setting up a friend's new pc, as I'd never had anything to do with Win8 before. Found it a great help. As a result, my friend (very non-techie person) went from XP to Win8 without any issues. I was amazed, after what I'd heard.

I installed ClassicShell for her and set it up pretty much as a 'classic' Windows desktop. She loves it.

Hope you get to the bottom of your issue

  cav3 13:25 07 Jan 2014

Thank you Chub_Tor I have removed all the add ons and it restarted straight away, I take it all back about windows 8 Haha! but it is challenging maybe it's because I'm an 80 year old silver surfer! thank you all for the replies. now how do I get rid of all the adverts!!!!that's another post

  chub_tor 19:58 07 Jan 2014

I agree with Jock1e about Interner Explorer in Desktop mode, I find it very poor for this site, my browser choice is Chrome. But glad you got the main system speeded up.

  nickf 19:59 07 Jan 2014

You could also try not track me , by Abine works on all browsers .

  cav3 20:15 07 Jan 2014

Thanks Chub_Tor have downloaded Fire fox and have adblock so fingers crossed no more adds Thanks again for all your help

  cav3 00:10 08 Jan 2014

forgot to thank Jock1e I would agree with you this is the second medion desktop Iv'e had and they are great so quiet and fast. and thank everyone for their advice. this is a great forum

  nickf 09:05 08 Jan 2014

I would say that w8 only makes sense with a touchscreen .

  chub_tor 15:41 08 Jan 2014

nickf - I cannot agree with that for desktop use although it does make sense for laptops. Win 8 on a desktop with a mouse is a good system, but harking back to Jock1e's point it does help if you augment it with additional software to get some functionality back. Jock1e suggests Classic Shell but I prefer Start8 combined with Modern Mix (both from Stardock). One gives you a Programme List and Start Button similar to Win 7 and the other brings back the close window red x, the maximise and minimise buttons on Win8 Metro apps.

You might say "why then change from Win7?" and my answer is sheer speed. Win 8 is faster to boot up, and faster to open programmes. I would not change back.

  cav3 16:58 08 Jan 2014

Just read the other forum very interesting Jock1e, the only way you can buy w7 is on line as none of the stores stock it, so it looks like what ever anyone says we are stuck with 8 and all that goes with it and bite the bullet as they say cheers. now how to find defrag and disc clean up!

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