ie7 keeps restarting

hi, clean install of vista home prem, i used to have this problem when i had vista installed previously. the screen goes white, get a message saying ie7 is restarting, reopens a second later in a smaller window with my home page.
in problems it says 'internet explorer stopped working report sent' same problem on a previous pc with norton, now i have it on another pc running kaspersky 6, the pc now has amd 6000 x2 4 gb ram, anyone else have this problem, i still have the missing letters problem too, i wondered if they may be related.
many thanks adam

  anskyber 19:57 14 Jul 2007

I've just checked my problem history. IE7 closed and reopened in the way you describe on average once a month.

hi, thanks for the reply. when i had it on another pc it happened about once a day. i hadnt had a problem with it since the reinstall, untill yesterday and then again today twice. have changed cpu ram and stuck a sound card in, so i wondered if it was this or maybe the last updates.
i have had problems with vista in the past (it's currently on a test pc) so i am very careful with messing with it i am only using vista drivers, no reg cleaner or ccleaner am just using the tools on ie7 to clear cookies and temp files etc, apart from that there is only world of warcraft installed.
i will see how it goes, pc used for ie7 and 1 game neither run well atm
thanks for the reply.

seems its a known bug, along with the typing thing. was given this which may help others
click here

  anskyber 23:02 14 Jul 2007

Thanks. I cannot find the bits in your link, can you help further by explaining where it is or copy and paste to here. Thanks.

hi dont think i better paste another forums on here, but check ie is allowed in defender (yeah i know!) and also in cookies. and was told to disable phishing bar, but the theme seemed to be one of those things. google 'internet explorer restart vista' that will bring it up.

example i found
click here

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