I want my money back for VISTA!!!

  Grez79 20:48 13 Feb 2008

I have had the 64bit Home premium edition for 3 weeks now and i have had nothing but hassle.

1) Refuses to let me delete items...

2) Hides configuration files in obscure places and fails to locate them when i search for them

3) Refuses permission to edit/delete/modify objects...

4) Very difficult to personalise or move folders in the main personal folder...

5) Poor support for using folders on two different hard drives...

I want to move back to XP...but i fear i will end up like the "die-hard" windows 98 fans...refusing to move on and evolve...

Basically i am stuck between a rock and a hard place...

Until Vista sorts its act out...i want my money back for it...

  anskyber 22:39 13 Feb 2008

Files. click here

  ventanas 22:43 13 Feb 2008

Give it a chance, get hold of a good text book and learn how it works. There is no way I would ever consider going back to XP after using Vista for many months. It really is that good.

  lisa02 23:12 13 Feb 2008

That's been done before. I think it was Dell that allowed the OS to be returned cos the customer never wanted it after a bit of fuss though. At the time was XP and the customer was a linux user.

It's do-able.

  crosstrainer 08:02 14 Feb 2008

But unwise....Your problems may stem from the fact that you elected to buy the 64 bit version of Vista. This is still rife with incompatibility issues, and you would (with hindsight) have been better off with the 32 bit version, in which most of these problems have been resolved. Many hardware companies are not writing 64 bit code for products as the uptake on the 64 bit version has (and was never intended) been limited. It was only ever intended for very high end users.

I have a handful of clients who use it, and the issues persist.

  cream. 11:01 14 Feb 2008

Doesn't the 64bit version give you the option to run it as a 32bit O\S, but only when you install it. Grez79 if you have the full disk it may be worth checking up on that.

As crosstrainer says the 64 bit is rife with problems and the only good thing it gives is the option to break the 4Gb barrier for physical memory.

  BillxR 13:58 14 Feb 2008

Hi guys, with regard to the discussion on Vista 64kb, I am in the process of buying a new "Gaming" PC and every one is advising 64Kb.
Would you agree ???? My enjoyment and money are in your hands!!

  crosstrainer 15:28 14 Feb 2008

If it's a retail copy, yes but not an oem version.

  crosstrainer 15:28 14 Feb 2008

For all the reasons stated before, go for the 32 bit version. :)

  anskyber 15:51 14 Feb 2008

I agree with crosstrainer.

  BillxR 16:13 14 Feb 2008

Thanks fella's. Xtrainer..."Retail" / "OEM" ? Can you explain the difference ?

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