I haven't got Vista yet and already problems.

  gazzaho 14:19 18 Jun 2008

I'm currently awaiting delivery of a new computer with Vista Home Premium installed; I decided to go with it even though I’d originally planned to stick with XP. The reason being, it isn’t going to go away and burying my head in the sand won’t change that fact, but already I’m questioning that decision.

The problem is, I own a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet with a serial interface, no problem I thought, I’ll just buy a serial to USB widget to connect it to the new computer, as there are no serial sockets on the motherboard. With that thought in mind I decided to contact Wacom in order to get their recommendation for said widget only to be told Vista doesn’t support serial connections! If I were using XP I could buy a converter, they even supplied a link to a retailer in order to buy one.

I understand that the serial interface is old technology, but why should I have to trash a perfectly fine and operating piece of hardware just because someone in Microsoft’s development team decided that no one uses serial equipment anymore.

  chub_tor 14:46 18 Jun 2008

This serial/USB adapter says that it is Vista compatible. click here

  gazzaho 15:33 18 Jun 2008

Thanks for the link chub_tor, but even if I was to buy that adapter I would still need drivers in order to use the tablet, so either Vista, Wacom or both have conspired to sabotage my efforts to connect the tablet to my new computer when it arrives lol.

  peter99co 17:49 18 Jun 2008

I am sure that some things can be( Run as XP.) This is an option in vista but I have not had to use it. It may only apply to software of course.

  Ashrich 20:57 18 Jun 2008

This may be a driver only problem as I have 2 serial ports on my self build Vista PC ( com1 and com2 ) and both appear to be working , although I don't have anything attached to them , but they are recognised and configurable .


  gazzaho 21:31 18 Jun 2008

Well if that's true Ashrich then Wacom support are telling me porkies! Perhaps they just can't be bothered supporting old hardware or can't be bothered writing drivers to run the serial tablet on Vista! Bellow is the email they sent me, either way the tablet cannot be used in Vista.

thank you for your e-mail dated 17.06.2008.

We are sorry to inform you that Vista does not support serial connections.

If you wish to use your serial tablet, please use any of the operating systems Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP in combination with the tablet driver version 4.78-6 which you can download under the following link:

click here

The tablet driver version 4.78-6 is the only driver for serial tablets and it is compatible with the operating systems Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 & XP.

If there should be further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

I guess it's better to blame it on Vista than say they'll not write drivers for a serial tablet because new motherboards don't support serial connections.

  crosstrainer 09:42 19 Jun 2008

I'm afraid you have discovered (as have we all) one of the "Joy's" of Vista.

OEM's and hardware companies are not writing code for old kit. You may just have to bite the bullet and by a new bit of kit.

In the early day's driver issues were rife, but things have settled down now. Older kit won't be supported, many scanners, printers etc. have been "Re-cycled" as a result.

  Esc4p3 12:35 19 Jun 2008

Before I went on Broadband I was using a US Robotics serial 5630D dial up modem with Vista, best modem I ever owned. So in my case the serial port works fine, didn't even need to install modem drivers, just plug n play. Perhaps Vista only supports certain devices plugged into a serial port.....

  gazzaho 12:53 19 Jun 2008

From what you guys are saying Vista does in fact support the serial interface which would suggest Wacom just can't be bothered to write new drivers to work with Vista, I mean why bother when there's more money to be made from selling a shiny new USB tablet.

I have to say that if I do decide to buy a new tablet I can't see it being Wacom made, which is a real pity as they are great little tools for the price.

  crosstrainer 14:22 19 Jun 2008

All hardware has a shelf life I'm afraid...If they are not selling this model any more, then spending time and money coding new drivers for Vista just is not economic....Don't know how old your tablet is though?

  PenPrick 16:58 23 Jul 2008

Actually I got similar information, but the reality is only the really old serial tablets (10 years and older)are not supported on Vista. Intuos and newer still has drivers. The problem is they don't "support" adapters, because they have no way to tell if the adapter is in fact working.I noticed that the latest driver has no serial "support" at all (but it is working with my Intuos 2 serial tablet anyway). If the adapter is working properly, you should get a hardware wizard saying it found teh tablet on startup, if it does not, it is not a plug and play adapter and their driver will not be able to find the tablet. I have had NO problems with a direst serial connection though.

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