I Hate Vista So Much

  superhoops 00:04 26 Oct 2007

I have had non stop problems with Vista since I upgraded my desktop to Vista earlier this year (I have subsequently put it back to XP) and since I bought a Vista laptop. Not allowing me to delete my own files is an ongoing problem (despite "Take Ownership" and "Run as Administrator")- latest is tonight I cant delete a start menu item that leads nowhere. Apparently I don't have permission.
Another problem I am still battling with after 2 months of trying since UPGRADING my pc back to XP is the Vista laptop wont print to the printer connected to the XP desktop. I have googled and found that getting a vista machine to print to a XP machine is a major problem for many people. Even the workaround on the link below doesnt work!
click here
And as for how long it takes to copy/ delete files on Vista...don't get me started!

  superhoops 00:07 26 Oct 2007

Sorry I should have said that the Vista laptop can see the printer but always gives you the message ""Windows cannot connect to the printer. Access is denied"

  celticdragon 02:17 26 Oct 2007

Just a suggestion but have you applied the performance and reliability update:-
click here

  superhoops 09:53 26 Oct 2007

Thanks. Have downloaded the update. Hope it helps my problems. Sorry to sound a whinger(!) but another thing that bugs me about vista is UAC. I know you should be able to turn it off but even though in User Accounts I have turned it off its still on and is a right pain. (I am the only user and account)

  Head hurts 12:59 26 Oct 2007

i have xp on my laptop and vista on my main pc and have to say vista is excellent, yes the uac can be annoying but i only have to click one button to authorise anything i want to do, vista was pre installed on a new pc so that may be why i have no problems. i do not meddle too much and use crapcleaner which so far has caused me no problems. i find it is much quicker than xp and there seem to be more and more software becoming available. most of the probs seem to be coming from people who upgrade.

  superhoops 18:22 26 Oct 2007

I take what you are saying about most problems are happening to those who upgraded. However my laptop came with Vista preinstalled yet UAC wont turn off and it wont print to my xp desktop, and those pesky sidebar things keep throwing up error messages

  skidzy 19:38 26 Oct 2007

Superhoops,i believe i advised you before to use the super hidden account....this will end 90% of your problems.click here

  Newuser2 18:59 27 Oct 2007

Every time I update Firefox or TB on my lappy I have to reload one or both via a PCA DVD, they then load the updates & all is OK.
The lappy is new & came with Vista preloaded.
Don't have any probs with XP on the desktop which is a self build & oem XP.

  superhoops 20:25 27 Oct 2007

Hi Skidzy, will try that later. Gotta sober up first, still celebrating a rare QPR win!

  Jimmy14 21:34 27 Oct 2007

have agreed Windows is a "really large bloated operating system". That is exactly what Vista is. Anyone who is disappointed with Vista, I recommend you by a mac with leopard as it is great. You can run XP or Vista on it if you desperately need to use a windows only program.

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  MrBen CI:-) 10:01 28 Oct 2007

I've been running Vista Ultimate in VMWare to get used to it before putting it on my Laptop. I like what i see, but like with all other Microsoft O/S that are new their will always be teething problems.

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