I dont know how to explain this problem on Window 8

  BushidoNeedsHelps 03:19 15 Sep 2014

click here uploaded 2 images for your reference to my problem. As you can see from the image, for image1(ControlPanel), image2(Mail) , both are enclosed with a white bracket, if im not wrong, the bracket indicated that you can start navigate the pages using up down right left arrows. This feature automatically turned on when i switch on my laptop. It should not be like this previously, i believe that i did unintentionally pressed something on the keyboard that lead to this to happen.

I know its not a big problem but i doesnt feel good to see my window 8 has this feature automatically turned on. Please help me. Thanks



  Woolwell 15:07 15 Sep 2014

I suspect that your accent colours have been changed to white Personalize PC may help.

  rdave13 19:46 15 Sep 2014

The white border highlight happens when you move the cursor via the keyboard arrows. It shouldn't do it if you use the mouse.

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