I accidentally deleted all my drivers!!??

  Shussi Pushi 01:54 25 Jun 2016

Hey so i wanted to reinstall a brand new windows 8.1 so i downloaded a iso on the internet and i burnt it into my usb then when i launched the usb, i was on the install menu asked me to choose the drivers so i was stupid i deleted all of them without one that had 600 gb and when i tried to format that one and use it didnt allow so i thought now my laptop's screwed so how in the world do i backup my drivers or is my laptop screwed?

  conrail 09:32 28 Jun 2016

no expert when I have problems that show as an exclamation mark in device manager I have uninstalled the driver in question, restarted my pc and windows has found and installed the driver, that may work for you, if not I know there are people on this forum who will know what to do, hope it all works out for you

  conrail 09:32 28 Jun 2016

sorry, meant to say try a restart if you haven't already done that

  Jollyjohn 12:00 28 Jun 2016

Are you sure you mean drivers and not Hard Drive Partitions?

Details of your laptop would help.

I think you will need to reconfigure your Hard Drive. You will need a minimum of three partitions. EFI, System and Operating System. The W8.1 iso may be able to do this otherwise you will need some other partitioning software.

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