hp scanjet 3400c

  conrail 15:00 01 Jan 2009

had to replace pc, new pc is a HP a6541.uk with vista home edition 64 bit.
I have a HP scanjet 3400c scanner, my current installation disc wont work, I have been searching the HP site for new drivers without success, tried to email HP but get US option which doesn't recognise the 3400c, anybody know of any other driver options I can use, don't want to replace scanner as it works (with XP) perfectly well

  anskyber 16:09 01 Jan 2009
  conrail 17:04 01 Jan 2009

thanks anskyber, but that hasn't really helped, also I don't want to pay out anymore money, thanks for your help

  anskyber 17:07 01 Jan 2009

Sorry, where did it ask you to pay money?

the advice was

"1. If your scanner is connected to your computer (USB) uninstall it using the device manager, be sure to check the box that says "delete the driver." Unplug the USB when it is uninstalled.

2. Download the sj652 installer packaged from HP. click here
Extract it to a folder.

3. Select the "setup" app and right click on it to get properties. Change the compatibility to XP. Then run it and click "OK" on any warnings from Vista.

4. Now, go to the HP folder in your Program Files directory, there will be a "HP PrecisionScan" folder. It will be the only one unless you have other HP products. Open the PrecisionScan LTX folder and change all apps to XP compatibility.

5. Plug in your scanner via USB and let it install.

The scanner will now work using the LTX software installed on your computer. Like I said, the buttons on the front do not work, and you can't do anything with it by going to "scanners and cameras" in your control panel. Windows Fax and Scan also does not work. BUT, it seems to work great and all the functionality is there in the LTX software."

  conrail 17:24 01 Jan 2009

sorry anskyber, I clicked onto the link and got a site regarding driver genius that wanted the £30, tried again and downloaded the file but get the error message 'can't create output file
I am sorry about the confusion, hsve no idea where the driver genius option came from, any suggestions regarding this error message gratefully accepted

  brundle 19:00 01 Jan 2009

YOu need to extract the file to one of your document folders, Vista restricts access to the root folder (c:). c:\users\<your account name>\downloads is probably where the file has been downloaded to, just change the path to c:\users\<your account name>\downloads\sj652

  conrail 21:09 01 Jan 2009

hi anskyber and brundle, I have installed the software to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP PrecisionScan\PrecisionScan LTX\hpipcopy.exe" the problem I was having was relying on vista to unzip, have used another program, unfortunately when connecting the usb lead on the scanner and pointing it to the above location it tells me it cannot find it, any suggestions please

  conrail 22:58 11 Jan 2009

have connected scanner to wife's laptop running xp pro, thanks for all help and advice, I appreciate it

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