PHV 14:31 24 Feb 2008

I have a Hp deskjet 840c and it was working with my pc with Vista home premium. Recently it has stopped printing the text on paper. Test page prints ok. Uninstall and re-installed the printer drivers and still it does not print text but test page is ok. Done driver check via HP website and proved all drivers are upto date and ok. Help! has anyone got a solution.

  Totally-braindead 21:56 24 Feb 2008

Could it be something simple like the program you are using is not set to use this printer?

Have you tried using another program to print such as Wordpad and see what that does? Or Word if you are using Wordpad. Basically what I am suggesting is try another program that prints text and see if that works. If it does then you would have half and idea as to where to start looking.

  PHV 13:34 26 Feb 2008

The program i am using is word and excel part of office 2007. I have tried the same printer on my laptop with Vista premium which has a different trial office software and still test page prints ok, but when printing documents from office, on both my desktop and laptop, there is no text on a4 paper. What can it be?

  Totally-braindead 13:41 26 Feb 2008

Try a few lines in the lies of Wordpad as I suggested and see if that prints ok.

If it doesn't then I would check all the printer settings and maybe delete and reinstall the printer as that should set everything back to default. But since both PCs are the same I am rather puzzled as its unlikely you made the same change in both PCs at the same time.

  PA28 23:19 01 Mar 2008

I know this sounds stupid, but check your black ink cartridge.

  PHV 20:50 19 Mar 2008

It does sound stupid as the printer does print the test page ok. Having spoken to a few people it seems that the older printers are not compatable with windows vista anymore. Lots of people must be in trouble as i am. Does Microsoft think of carbon footprint?????

  MCE2K5 22:30 19 Mar 2008

Have you tried Windows Vista, Add Printer click here

  PA28 10:46 28 Mar 2008

Thanks for that PHV. The reason I suggested that was that I have an HP printer that prints the test page fine using only the colour cartridge. Only trying to help you.

  Dipso 00:44 29 Mar 2008

I have the HP 610C which I believe is older than yours and it works fine with Vista.

I was somewhat disappointed to find out this week though that my HP scanner which despite being much younger than my 10 year old printer isn't compatible.

  Ashrich 21:09 30 Mar 2008

Have a look in Printers ( start/settings/printers ) and see if the HP is the default printer , or whether it is printing to a Word File .....


  PHV 19:53 31 Mar 2008

I had tried all sorts of things and the only reply i was getting is the HP printer is no longer compatable with vista anymore. I had to buy another printer, what a shame.

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