hp all in one drivers for w.7

  sunnystaines 11:44 02 Aug 2009

I am using hp2575 all in one printer/scanner/copier

the hp website does not list a windows7 driver.

anyone know if the vista drivers work with w.7

  Quiet Life 13:55 02 Aug 2009

Should do.If it runs on Vista it should do on W7.
Maybe a generic drive but W7 seems to cove pretty well everything

  sunnystaines 14:00 02 Aug 2009

thanks, got an upgrade voucher to register at the end of august just lining up the drivers to get ready.

  laurie53 20:32 02 Aug 2009

I've got a C6180 which works fine with Win 7,

"Failure to Communicate" now and again, but that's not unusual with HP software.

  sunnystaines 20:41 02 Aug 2009

are you using vista drivers or was there an xp one?

  laurie53 08:10 03 Aug 2009

I think I downloaded new Vista drivers.

  sunnystaines 10:44 03 Aug 2009

does the scanner function still work or is it just a basic printer?

  laurie53 11:53 03 Aug 2009

It's an all-in-one and evrything works fine, including fax.

The scanning function, as is usual with HP all-in-ones, is quite flaky, and the "failure to communicate" referred to above is always during scanning, perhaps one in every twenty or thirty scans, but I've had that since 98SE!

  sunnystaines 12:19 03 Aug 2009

my all in one has been first class with xp and vista hope it stays that way with w7

  sunnystaines 21:24 07 Aug 2009

had an auto hp update stating w.7 compatibilty fix.

  laurie53 06:53 08 Aug 2009

Thanks for that, I'll get the update myself later on.

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